17 April From here and there ! कुछ इधर, उधर की!

This is a dynamic page. You will find here articles, discussion, comments, videos, cartoons and other material collected from the internet, some by me and much more by my friends containing
Material that brings out the underlying, contradictions, irony,satire, laughter and also some serious information and analysis that both the “common” as well as “special” people face in day to day life.

यह एक गतिशील पृष्ठ है।आप यहाँ पायेंगे इंटरनेट से कुछ मेरे और बहुत कुछ मेरे दोस्तों द्वारा एकत्र लेख, चर्चा, टिप्पणियां, वीडियो, कार्टून और अन्य सामग्रियाँ।
सामग्री जो “आम” और “ख़ास” आदमी के जीवन में अंतर्निहित विरोधाभासों, विडंबनाओं, व्यंग्य,विद्रूप, हंसी और कुछ गंभीर जानकारी और विश्लेषण को पाठकों के लिये समय समय से सामने लाना है।

Of late there has been a lot of debate on food and cuisine. Is Rasogolla Bengali Odia? Is biryani Moghul contribution to indian cuisine ? In the video above Abhijit Iyer Mitra shares his perspective on this interesting topic. He has travelled extensively the world over and writes on different topics including strategic and defence masters but in this interview he has focused on food.

It is interesting to watch old videos of interviews by our TV journalists. How their style, approach and ideology shows consistency and how despite getting verbally bashed up by the person they are interviewing they do not loose cool. I found two interviews by Karan Thapar one with Jayalalitha ji and the other one which became very famous with Modiji and in this video Karan recalls what happened after the interview.

Also included is a video reportage by Pradeep Singh on Bengal elections.

Who knows which way the result would go when results are announced on 2 May but there is a strange satisfaction and learning from trends as one “sees” and speculating.

From Twitter

“Covid appropriate behaviour” to contain the deadly pandemic is for pontificating and advising others.

In real life, however, it is not for practice. Look at the election rallies in Bengal.