सहज मानवता और स्नेहिल आतिथ्य

My contribution to the Souvenir brought out on the occasion of the 75th birthday of Charutar Arogya Mandal , Chairman Dr. Amrita Patel. I will try an English translation and post the same later. The souvenir was brought out in English, Gujarati and Hindi. I chose to write in Hindi. अगस्त या सितंबर १९६८ का … Continue reading सहज मानवता और स्नेहिल आतिथ्य

समतामूलक समाज

Image courtesy “Interaction Institute for Social Change | Artist: Angus Maguir” समतामूलक (Equitable) समाज का अभिप्राय मेरी समझ से ऐसे आदर्श समाज से है जिसके मूल मे समता हो। दूसरे शब्दों मे ऐसा समाज जिसका अंतर्निहित मूल्य समता हो । समता (equity) और समानता (equality) को लेकर काफ़ी भ्रम है । किसी ने कहा है … Continue reading समतामूलक समाज

Saneechar’s Chabutara

सनीचर के चबूतरे से सनीचर का परिचय उन्हीं के शब्दों में   This space is for musings from Saneechar a character from Hindi satire novel “Raag Darbari” by Shrilal Shukla. Raag Darbari is available in English translation also. I first met Saneechar on Twitter. We used to exchange messages . After some months or may … Continue reading Saneechar’s Chabutara

RK Nagar Writes; Empowering Farmers

Empowering Farmers through Value Chain Institutions:Operation Flood -The Example RK Nagar worked with the National Dairy Development Board of India from 1969 to 1998 as a part of the senior management team in project planning, project management and operations of commodity business. He is currently a free lance Management Consultant, Value Chain Design and Development … Continue reading RK Nagar Writes; Empowering Farmers