The Metaphysics of ONE ; “एक” की तत्त्वमीमांसा

My friend on X (formerly Twitter) goes by the handle @Sacred. About a month ago I had an opportunity to listen to him speak in an X space. I was a listener in that space while he was the speaker. There was something about his voice and the content of his speech that captivated my attention. His voice has a deep and soothing tone.

Sacred is introduced with the following description on X. I first heard him speak in the X space, where the topic of discussion was the Hamas-Israel conflict. The majority of participants were overseas Pakistanis, with some from the Indian diaspora and a few individuals from other nationalities. During this discussion, Sacred primarily listened, occasionally asking questions for clarification when the conversation switched between Hindi, Urdu, and English.

Afterward, Sacred started his own daily space that continues to this day at 6 am and 9 pm (Eastern Time). In this space, he takes on the role of a host. He dedicates half an hour to chanting Om ऊँ with the pious intent of promoting and bringing about world peace. I too try to join him but am not regular.

X ( formerly Twitter) has enabled me connect with many both electronically and in person.

Sacred has two websites. By clicking on 1- Ottawa Gardens and 2- Universal Dynamics given below one can access these websites and read his blogs.

1- Ottawa Gardens

2- Universal Dynamics

The blog titled “The Metaphysics of ONE” on his website “Universal Dynamics” beautifully expresses the concept of interconnectedness among human beings. In my view he has captured the idea of the universality of existence flawlessly, combining profound and carefully chosen words.

I have translated with his permission this blog into Hindi, my mother tongue, as I find it easier to comprehend complex concepts in that language. With the assistance of AI+, the translation turned out well.

I did, however, make many changes to the text generated from AI+.

The Metaphysics of ONE

“एक” की तत्त्वमीमांसा

ONE is eternal.

एक अनंत है।

ONE contains absolute goodness, beauty and truth.

एक में है सत्य, शिव और सुंदर।

ONE is not subjective but objective in both weight and scale.

एक वजन और पैमाने दोनों में वस्तुगत है विषयग्राही नहीं।

ONE dissipates the ego as the soul transcends inward to self realization.

अंतर्मुखी हो स्व का जब स्वयं से होता है साक्षात्कार, करता है तब एक अहंकार को विघटित।

Self realization unlocks God’s consciousness.

आत्म-साक्षात्कार खोलता है ईश्वरीय चेतना का द्वार।

God’s conscious reveals the self.

ईश्वर की चेतना करती प्रगट स्व को।

The true nature of the self is unconditional love.

स्व का सच्चा स्वभाव बिना शर्त प्रेम है।

The self is the fulfilment of Things Not Seen.

स्व से होती है पूर्ति जो हो होता है अद्दष्य।

Be true to self and find the self.

रहो सच्चे स्व में और पाओ स्व को।

Forgive and hold fast in love.

क्षमा करो और प्रेम में दृढ़ता से बने रहो।

Live in the freedom of meditative stillness.

जियो स्वतंत्र हो ध्यान की शांति में।

Experience Peace and Happiness.

अनुभव करो शांति और सुख।

Trust Goodness, Beauty and Truth.

रखो विश्वास पूर्णता, सुंदरता और सत्य पर।

Abide in Grace, Joy and Bliss.

बसे रहो कृपा, हर्ष और आनंद में।

Click on this link to a listen a recorded 👇

Sacred Om meditation for world peace 30 minutes


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