A lesson on “Sense of responsibility” learnt from NDDB

– Dr. HB Joshi I was transferred from SAG Bidaj a “Mecca” for veterinarian to heavenly NDDB , Campus in Anand in 1985 thus life and work both got an U turn! Lifted from a remote place surrounded with only green lustrous fields and cattle habitats to a paradise interspersed with green carpeting with beautifulContinue reading “A lesson on “Sense of responsibility” learnt from NDDB”

Vivek Haldipur gentle beyond imagination.

By RK Nagar He was the only child of late Mrs Krishna and late Shri R N Haldipur, a former Lt. Governor of Arunachal and Pondicherry states. Mr Haldipur accepted Dr. Kurien’s offer and took over as Director, IRMA in 1982. During his four years stay in Anand, I had only a formal contact withContinue reading “Vivek Haldipur gentle beyond imagination.”

Blast from the past

Contributed by former NDDB employees and well wishers Collection of photos that speak to those who lived through those momentous moments that stretched to years … Action picture at work, home and having fun, of self, family, colleagues, offices ,plants, field operations… will all find a place here. Please send your photos (preferably taken inContinue reading “Blast from the past”

NDDB Campus at Bengaluru

Photo courtesy Google, Sathish MN It all began with my transfer to Bangalore as the Regional Director in May 1986. I went to call on Dr. Kurien before shifting my family to Bengaluru. Dr Kurien asked, he asked “ Where is land for my campus? How long are you going to take to acquire it?Continue reading “NDDB Campus at Bengaluru”

RK Nagar writes; A tribute to TN Sheshan

Mr. TN Sheshan was one of the most outstanding civil servants of India. He had a long and distinguished service career. “A no-nonsense man, he cleaned up India’s electoral system” We remember his tenure as Chief Election Commissioner. However, as a man of action and great simplicity right from the beginning of his career heContinue reading “RK Nagar writes; A tribute to TN Sheshan”

सहज मानवता और स्नेहिल आतिथ्य

My contribution to the Souvenir brought out on the occasion of the 75th birthday of Charutar Arogya Mandal , Chairman Dr. Amrita Patel. I will try an English translation and post the same later. The souvenir was brought out in English, Gujarati and Hindi. I chose to write in Hindi. अगस्त या सितंबर १९६८ काContinue reading “सहज मानवता और स्नेहिल आतिथ्य”

Moving Fingers write; Christmas 2019

I write this on the morning of Christmas Day of 2019 from Toronto. My 6 year old granddaughter gave me a beautiful card with a message that she wrote for me. Unlike her I wrote to my great grand father but since he didn’t know how to read or write I wrote to my grandContinue reading “Moving Fingers write; Christmas 2019”