Vrikshamandir is a collective effort. Many of my friends have helped by contributing their articles, stories, anecdotes etc. This is to acknowledge their contribution, support and encouragement but for which it would not have been possible to sustain this effort.

Dr MPG Kurup former Executive Director National Dairy Development Board of India ( NDDB) and Mr. R K Nagar former Director Planning and Market Intervention Operations at NDDB we’re first two former colleagues who spared their valuable time and to wrote for Vrikshamandir. already contributing blogs to this website.

Ganesh ji, a dear friend whom I met very late in life but feel so connected and share many qualities as also differ on many too has agreed to contribute. So has Shaneechar my Twitter Friend who operates his handle from the same name. He can be found on Twitter @shaneechar

Already many more of my former colleagues and friends are contributing to Vrikshamandir.

The list of contributors increases day by day. Besides Dr MPG Kurup and Shri RK Nagar; Dr DV Ghanekar, Dr BS Manubansh, Dr Arun Wyngynkar, Capt. Janmejay Vaishnav, Dr DC Sah , Dr. E Madhavan, two with pseudo names Moving Finger and Shaneechar and one anonymous contribute to Vrikshamandir .

Contributions that not only enrich the on going narratives and discussions but raise issues inviting further explorations of the hidden reality. But would one really know what really is a reality?

There will of course be other writings depicting the ” other than “serious” side of life; wit, humour and satire!

You can find their writings using the search function.

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