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This video I got from a friend through the University of WhatsApp. It is ashort documentary on Parsi community very well made packed with interesting tidbits of information which many of us may not know.
I did not know that the reason for first riot in Mumbai was extermination of Dogs. “The Bombay Dog Riots, also known as the 1832 Bombay Riots, were a series of protest actions that devolved into rioting in the city of Mumbai, India. The riots were sparked by an attempt by the British government to exterminate the city’s stray dogs, controversial for Parsis due to dogs being considered sacred in the Zoroastrian religion. The event was the first instance of rioting in the modern history of Mumbai.”

I also did not know that Dhansakh is made on occasion of mourning in Parsi homes. So little we know about a small community in numbers but which has done so much for building modern India.

I shared this video with friend and got a lot of appreciation. Anthony Jayaranjan from Sri Lanka replied “ Thanks even in Sri Lanka there are Parsis. Small in number but very wealthy.” He later shared the following video.

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