I fulfilled my curiosity

I got an opportunity to work as a member of the NDDB spearhead team at Jalgaon (Maharashtra) from 1974 to 1976. This was the period when Operation Flood – I was under implementation. This posting enabled me get a very good exposure into the workings of spearhead teams through which NDDB helped organise village levelContinue reading “I fulfilled my curiosity”

Some thoughts and questions on India’s edible oil strategy

Two significant announcements have been made by the government of India in a short span of one month on how India plans to deal with the twin problems of the oil sector- ever increasing reliance on imports to meet the growing demand and controlling the retail prices of edible oils. On 10th August the prime minister announced a plan to boost domestic production of edible oils at anContinue reading “Some thoughts and questions on India’s edible oil strategy”