Lessons learnt from Dr. Kurien – 8

- Shekhar Roy 

During my service period in NDDB, I had interactions with Dr.V Kurien on many occasions, official, demi-official and also personal. 

Most of these interactions have taught some invaluable lessons which had helped in restructuring my personal value system and eventually my character. 

There are small incidences which are still in my memory and the lessons learnt that I have imbibed within. 

I would like to share yet another incident which influenced my personal life.

When the marriage of Dr. Kurien’s daughter, was to be organised he took permission from the Secretary NDDB to use the facilities like hostel premises, guest house, lawns, parking area etc. on payment basis as per the rules that were applicable to and followed by NDDB employees.

Dr. Kurien had requested a few employees to help him in making these arrangements. I was one of those. My responsibility was to arrange the marriage pandal and the dining area and to keep the account. I was given some imprest amount.

After the function was over, Dr. Kurien called me to his office to settle the account so that he could pay any excess expenditure incurred by me.

I handed over the expenditure statement. Knowing Dr. Kurien well, I had prepared an expenditure statement along with vouchers for all the expenses.

He examined it and before taking back the balance amount, he suddenly asked me why the statement does not include “Brooms” in it.

I was taken aback. In fact, the brooms were used to clean the dry leaves etc. from the lawns and he had seen this while taking a round during the the preparations. for the marriage.

I had bought the brooms, spent Rs.10 for these but could not get a voucher for this. So, I had not included it in the expenditure statement, I told him that since there was no voucher, it had slipped out of my mind.

He, then paid me the amount of Rs 10 also.

Dr. Kurien then called the Treasurer, NDDB to his office and handed over the statement with vouchers and requested him to keep in safe custody for at least 3 to 4 years, so that if anyone raises his finger in the future, this statement will speak for itself.

Honesty and transparency !


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    Ravinder Aggarwal

    That why Dr Kurian was great man

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