A lesson on “Sense of responsibility” learnt from NDDB

- Dr. HB Joshi 

I was transferred from SAG Bidaj a “Mecca” for veterinarian to heavenly NDDB , Campus in Anand in 1985 thus life and work both got an U turn!

Lifted from a remote place surrounded with only green lustrous fields and cattle habitats to a paradise interspersed with green carpeting with beautiful layout in the modern complex was a gift of destiny !

It is always true that light follows shadow and vice versa in life !

I was overwhelmed on getting an opportunity to join the Manpower Development Division under Dr. SP Mittal.

I started really enjoying! the the trans formal change that happened in the kind of assignments, tasks that I now handled.

I became a part of the team that conceptualised, designed and offered training to different groups of stakeholders as per the mandate of the Manpower Development Division. However, I was always interested in taking up more challenges in this area as these add “flavour” to the “taste” !

Initially, I coordinated training programs in co-operative development on Anand pattern for farmers and supervisors. I was later assigned with the responsibility of coordinating International program as well.

One such program that I was handling had participants from Sri Lanka.

Along with class room sessions we used to take them for orientation study tour to various organisations like AMUL,Dudhasagar Dairy Mehsana ,Man Sinh Institute of Training,etc.

I accompanied the Srilankan participants on one such study tour for.

While returning from Mehsana,we had scheduled a halt at Ahmedabad near the Indian Airlines office ,Lal darwaja in the heart of the city as participants wanted to endorse their return air ticket.

We returned safely and post study tour evaluation showed that the participants were quite satisfied.

Suddenly ,a participant found that his wallet was missing. In that wallet he had kept some cash and passport ! We tried to urgently urgently at SAGP office in Ahmedabad and briefed about the matter requesting them to check with the Indian Airlines office if by chance they have received a lost wallet !

The enquiries that SAGP made with the counter operators at the Airlines office in Ahmedabad were futile. There t was no clues. Adding fuel to raging fire, there was a postal strike so it became difficult to contact Srilankan Embassy in Delhi !

In the meanwhile, at the weekend I proceeded on a few days leave to Ahmedabad where my brother was residing.

At the back of my mind, I was thinking the miserable condition of person who had lost his return ticket. It did not allow me to sleep.

The next day morning I contacted Shri. KC Patel who was in-charge at SAGP,Ahmedabad and I went to his office to personally enquire about the lost wallet but there was no positive sign.

I requested KC to make his office landline phone free for me for half an hour.

I scratched my head , a thought sparkled out of my subconscious to call the Station Manager, Indian Airlines,

While the phone rang at the other end, I was held the receiver with a pounding heart. I was praying for a miracle to happen! Those moments appeared as if they would last till eternity.

Finally the station Manager came on line and I explained the matter lucidly, before one could say “Jack Robinson” , he said ,” Hold on Sir, my driver, Gopal has found a wallet. There is an air ticket and passport in the wallet. However, there is no money”!

I missed a heartbeat and virtually jumped out of my chair. I asked him keep the wallet safely with him. He insisted that we send the person who had lost his ticket as the Airline would give it only to that person and no one else.

We were all relieved and contacted NDDB Anand office.

Dr.Mittal was surprised and asked “How come you reached SAGP office and sorted out this issue? “

I narrated the whole episode and he had such words of praise for that made my spirits soar even higher !

Thus, the NDDB taught me another lesson “How to discharge duties in a responsible manner”.

It was a turning point for me as dealing with outside agencies and liaison became my strength that later helped me accomplish many a formidable tasks!’

Contributed by Dr.Hemendra Joshi – NDDB/ SAGP 1977-2000, Banas Dairy / 2001-2012


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