Million stars under my feet

  There has been rather a long gap in posting blogs on Vrikshamandir. The monotony was broken as Nagar sent this blog. While forwarding this Nagar wrote, “Shailu, I guess this is, as of now the last write up that I have. I seem to have lost the rhythm to write more. It seems you too haveContinue reading Million stars under my feet

Moving Fingers still write; Christmas 2019 (Revised March, 2022)

Reproducing a slightly edited version of a blog I wrote in December 2019. Vrikshamandir first appeared online in November 2019. That was a time when I was going through a rough patch. I was healthy, yet there was something amiss. Vrikshamandir was an idea and with the help of friends and former colleagues, I wasContinue reading “Moving Fingers still write; Christmas 2019 (Revised March, 2022)”

On the proposed amendments to the NDDB act; A view point

The Government’s recent move to amend the NDDB act 37 of 1987 has drawn a lot of attention. In this article, I have attempted to analyse how the proposed amendments can be more effective by restructuring NDDB in the larger interest of the entire agricultural sector, including the dairy sector. In the last few days,Continue reading “On the proposed amendments to the NDDB act; A view point”


This is a photograph clicked by Meera Singh my granddaughter. She took this photo was taken on 9 January 2021. The credit for ensuring that the book “Utterly Butterly Milkman” is published on time for release at the 100th birth anniversary of Dr Verghese Kurien goes to Nirmala Kurien. Some of us “ancient former NDDBContinue reading “LESSONS IN LEADERSHIP”

Vinod Huria Writes on amendment to NDDB Act; Another view point

All along we have subscribed to the notion, and Dr Kurien was very firm on this, that the job of the Government is governance and not business. We at the NDDB, promoted the cooperative sector as a form of managing business, where the ownership of the enterprise, vested with the major stakeholders (farmer producers). Although,Continue reading “Vinod Huria Writes on amendment to NDDB Act; Another view point”

One winter morning in Anand

The year 1991. I was still nine years away from leaving the National Dairy Development Board. I had always thought that God willing I will retire and live in Anand till I breathe my last and be taken to Kailash Bhoomi for cremation. I had my former colleagues and friends in the great City, theContinue reading “One winter morning in Anand”


Rajesh Nair started teaching at IRMA in 1999 and I left NDDB in 2000. We never met. Thanks to Facebook we connected. I have great pleasure in posting, with his permission, three reminiscences that he wrote about Dr V Kurien. 26 November 2020 The board room of IRMA’s ETDC was cram-full that morning. Two managementContinue reading “Kurienomania”

Sadhu to ramta bhala

I served an esteemed institution National Dairy Development Board, during its formative years for two decades. My association with NDDB means a lot to me professionally and psychologically. I contributed to the programmes and projects of the organisation to further its objectives to the best of my abilities and in the process I “grew up”!Continue reading “Sadhu to ramta bhala”

डाक्टर कुरियन; एक अभिव्यक्ति

मेरे जैसै अनेक लोग जो डा कुरियन के सान्निध्य मे आए, मेरी समझ के अनुसार, उनका संबन्ध “विक्रमादित्त्य” और “बैताल” की तरह का है। हर बार उस बैताल के चरित्र के एक पहलू को किसी एक पीपल के पेड़ पर टांग कर आते हैं । वही बैताल एक बिल्कुल नये चरित्र में हमारे कन्धे परContinue reading “डाक्टर कुरियन; एक अभिव्यक्ति”

Dr. Kurien and the first BOHO dinner

BOHO, or whatever this acronym stands for, is the Social club of the National Dairy Development Board established after we moved to the campus in 1970. The dinner was organised on the 1st of April 1971. The venue, main lobby of the old hostel. Apart from NDDB staff and their families, we had some participantsContinue reading “Dr. Kurien and the first BOHO dinner”

The Spoiler

But this ritual broke when I came to Anand simply because eggs were not available in the market. I mean they were available but in very limited quantity. The sole seller had perhaps a dozen hens and he got another 50 or so eggs from Baroda- in an earthen matka. His entire stock used to get sold out by 9-10 am. When I asked him why he doesn’t get more eggs from Baroda, his cryptic reply was, ‘that is total demand of Anand. If you want eggs, tell me a day before with advance payment’.