Rules must be followed to maintain discipline

In early 1990s I was working with GCMMF and was posted at Guwahati. I was advised to report to Anand in connection with a presentation to Dr. Kurien on test launch of a new dairy product and marketing plan in North East.

On the appointed date and time I accompanied the team from GCMMF led by our MD Shri BM Vyas. We reached NDDB ahead of time.

We made our way to the conference room located on the ground floor of the main building where Dr Kurien had his office. On the porch, I noticed an Ambassador car parked but without a driver.

As the time for the start of our meeting approached there was a commotion outside. On enquiry we were informed that on seeing the car parked on the porch (which was a strict no-no) , Dr Kurien had coolly pocketed the car key and proceeded to his office.

The key was eventually given to the driver and the car parked at the right place but a lesson to follow rules and discipline had been taught.

Contributed by Dhiraj Hazarika IRMA 1987


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