Every thing that goes up eventually comes down !

I was posted to Mumbai office. I was alloted a flat in the Multi Storey Building, on 7th floor.
Dr Kurien used to visit the Mumbai office once in while. One evening, I called for the elevator to go down. It is an old elevator and has single call button. So one can not know if the elevator is going up or down when the door opens.
That day, the door opened, and I almost stepped in, only to realise the Dr Kurien, the grand old man was in there. I was thrilled with the very idea of proximity to him.
I am sure you can imagine, for a young IRMA graduate and new NDDB employee, what it meant to be standing face to face with The Man himself.
I politely asked, is the elevator going down? He replied,
“Everything that goes up, must eventually come down.”
“Get in young man!”. And I just stepped in. Smiling. Amazed. Thrilled.
Trying to pinch myself. The journey was short as the guesthouse is on the tenth floor. The doors opened and he walked out. I could just wish him a good evening. And he wished me back.
Contributed by Dushyant Mishra PRM 18 IRMA NDDB ( 1999-2003)


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