मेरा अमरोहा का दोस्त और उसकी फ़नकारी

मैंने एक अमरोहवी दोस्त को लिखा, पेशे ख़िदमत है जौन एलिया का एक शेर, मै भी बहुत अजीब हूँ, इतना अजीब हूँ कि बस खुद को तबाह कर लिया और मलाल भी नहीं” ग़ौरतलब हो कि “जौन” अमरोहा के बड़े ऐसे घराने से थे जिसने कई पुश्तों तक अदब, शायरी, फ़िल्मों आदि में अपने योगदानContinue reading “मेरा अमरोहा का दोस्त और उसकी फ़नकारी”

किसानी की व्यथा कथा

एक २००८ विडियो क्लिप यहाँ लिंक कर रहा हूँ। फ़ेसबुक पर था । कुछ दिन पहले अचानक मिल गया। यह विडियो उस समय का है जब मैं गाँव अक्सर हर दो तीन महीने में एक बार हो आता था। सोचा था रिटायर होकर वहीं रहूंगा। पर ऐसा हुआ नहीं। कुछ मित्रों का भी कहना थाContinue reading “किसानी की व्यथा कथा”

चिंता, आशा, ममता और मैं

A couple of days ago, my dear friend and former colleague, Dr SC Malhotra, sent me a whatsapp message forwarding a video clip. He has done many audio stories for Vrikshamandir which can be accessed here. Dr Malhotra is a prolific commentator on blogs that are posted on Vrikshamandir. His text message forwarding the videoContinue reading “चिंता, आशा, ममता और मैं”

Adventures of Ramanujam, at the young age of sixty four

Ramanujam cycled from Manali to Leh in 10 days and then wrote his first blog. I had an easy job. I with his permission copy-pasted it on Vrikshamandir! This is my first ever blog. I had always wanted to write about my first 50k cycling which I did at the age of 56 and halfContinue reading “Adventures of Ramanujam, at the young age of sixty four”

Million stars under my feet

  There has been rather a long gap in posting blogs on Vrikshamandir. The monotony was broken as Nagar sent this blog. While forwarding this Nagar wrote, “Shailu, I guess this is, as of now the last write up that I have. I seem to have lost the rhythm to write more. It seems you too haveContinue reading Million stars under my feet

Why did the chicken cross the road?

I follow Rakesh Krishnan Simha (@ByRakeshSimha) on Twitter. I find his tweets informative, incisive and humorous. Rakesh Krishnan Simha (@ByRakeshSimha) posted a long satirical thread of seventeen tweets to highlight the “alleged” and “imagined” “thinking” of some contemporary leaders, thought leaders and influencers. I have attempted to translate his tweets into Hindi. I have alsoContinue reading “Why did the chicken cross the road?”

ते तणो खरखरो फोक करवो

This blog is dedicated to the memory of my mother, who left us on 5 May 2021 to the world she had come from. If she was with us would have loved listening to the embedded bhajan. Thanks to Tushaar, my Twitter friend from Vadodara on whose website Bharat Parikrama, I read his beautiful storyContinue reading “ते तणो खरखरो फोक करवो”

Poverty and Public Distribution System – Part – II

This is second part of the article by Nagar. In order to access the first part of the two part article on poverty and public distribution system please click here. So, How poor are the poor that need PDS support? Two important points to be noted here are: A ration card entitles the card holderContinue reading “Poverty and Public Distribution System – Part – II”