Lessons learnt from Dr. Kurien – 2

- Shekhar Roy 

During my service period in NDDB, I had interactions with Dr.V Kurien on many occasions, official, demi-official and also personal.

Most of these interactions have taught some invaluable lessons which had helped in restructuring my personal value system and eventually my character.

There are small incidences which are still in my memory and the lessons learnt that I have imbibed within.

I would like to share yet another incident which influenced my personal life.

During the training period, I was given the additional duty of Warden of the trainees’ hostel till a permanent Warden is appointed. Along with my GET batchmates, I was staying in the hostel (Room 8).

As I came to the main lounge, I saw Dr.Kurien coming in.

On a Sunday morning, at about 11 am, I came down to inspect the kitchen and also check about the preparation of lunch.

He enquired with me whether cleaning of the lounge is complete.

I replied in the affirmative. He then took out his sleepers – His Sunday dress used to be pant, T-Shirt and sleepers – and started rubbing his toe on the floor.

He then told me that this is the way I should check the cleaning.

Then, he went into the kitchen and checked everything and found that the groceries and vegetables are not kept properly.

He demonstrated to the kitchen staff how to keep everything clean, organisedand tidy and asked me to check twice everyday.

This time, it was a lesson on housekeeping.

Later on, we developed a term “NDDB Standards” for everything connected with the organisation be it in a project, office or house keeping.

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  2. Sekhar, I was taught that,”to inspect the cleanliness of a place visit the toilets” they tell you the state of cleanliness was my lesson from Dr. Kurien

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