Lessons learnt from Dr. Kurien – 3

- Shekhar Roy 

During my service period in NDDB, I had interactions with Dr.V Kurien on many occasions, official, demi-official and also personal.

Most of these interactions have taught some invaluable lessons which had helped in restructuring my personal value system and eventually my character.

There are small incidences which are still in my memory and the lessons learnt that I have imbibed within.

I would like to share yet another incident which influenced my personal life.

One Sunday morning, I was coming out my quarter in the first D Block (D-5) and saw Dr. Kurien , standing in front of the Pump House and looking for some one.

No one was around. Dr. Kurien waived at me and asked me to find out where Shri CJ Kansara, our Civil Engineer in charge of all construction work in the campus was. Kansara was out of station and so was Shri. HH Soni Shri Kansara’s assistant.

At that time construction of the second row of quarters (C 2, D 2, D 3) were almost at the finishing stage.

Dr. Kurien asked me to accompany him to the blocks under construction and take down the instructions which can be passed on to Shri Kansara.

In one of the flats, he looked at the switchboard in the living room and asked me to check the height at which this board and the boards in other rooms have been fixed.

I got a tape from the site supervisor of our contractor Shri Himmatbhai Patel and measured the height of switchboard.

He then asked me to check the height of switchboards in other flats. It was observed that the the switchboards in different the rooms of all the flats were not at the same height.

It was good luck of Shri Kansara and Shri Soni, that they were not present.

I got some dose but not of the same intensity as those two chaps would have got.

What an eye-sight !

That was THE lesson on perfection.

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