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Contributed by former 
NDDB employees and well
This on going project is an attempt to create a space where those willing to participate are able to put at one place pictures and videos ( I know there will not be many ) of our past lives at Anand, regional offices and field offices across the country.
Collection of photos that speak to those who lived through those momentous moments that stretched to years …
Action picture at work, home and having fun, of self, family, colleagues, offices ,plants, field operations… will all find a place here.
Please send your photos (preferably taken in the last millennium) to
While sending your pictures please mention the year photo was taken, place and a brief description.
If you don’t remember no problem others when they see might remember and help you remember
Thanks to G Rajan and SB Sen Mazumdar for suggesting and supporting this initiative.

Photographs above are from different time periods. There are some pictures that weere taken during 15/16 February 2020. Then there are others taken in early seventies. Thanks to SB Sen Mazumdar sharing some of pictures.

Before the NDDB campus there was Amul Dairy and and then was set up an office for NDDB some time in 1967.

Mani Bhuvan became a meeting and eating point for bachelors and some forced bachelor employees of Amul and NDDB.

Middle picture in second row; Shailendra Palvia, Vikram Sinh Rana, Shirish Patel, RK Nagar and yours truly leaning against Fiat car of Prince Vikram Rana of Jhambughoda in front of Mani Bhuwan. Raojibhai our man Friday standing in the veranda. Raojibhai later became the first cook at NDDB Hostel when the campus was built. 3) Management and Manpower Development ( MMD Group members at Mikes place for tea.

G Rajan sent these pictures from his old album. I wonder why I am calling the “album” as “old album”. Surely any album is younger than the maker of the album ! (29 June 2020)

Row 1

Top left hand group picture was taken on the mound in front of D block ( old timers may remember the name given to this mound😁)

Rajan and I both were not sure of the year it was clicked. Those standing are, as per Rajan recipients of the first Voluntary Retirement Scheme. May be some others who see this picture can help us recall the year .. Shirley Pinto and Soman Nair later have confirmed that this picture was taken sometime in early January 1988.

The middle picture reminds us of a lovely and eagerly awaited event ! G Rajan as Santa Claus … with the NDDB campus children, early 1980s.

Rajan while sharing the picture wrote, “My worry was that while the naughty kids wanted to pull my cap others were getting impatient to get the toffees that I would throw at them!!!

He further added;

“It was Shri PT jacob and Shri Ashok Koshy who first made me “Christmas Father “. I continued my yearly appearance till I left NDDB under the second VRS 1996 . ..”

3) Rajan wrote a caption for this picture “Great people from India on the Great Wall of China, Prayar Gopalkrishnan, MILMA, Dr. RP Aneja, and a GOI representative ( early 1980s).”

राजन द्वारा भेजी गई दूसरी पंक्तिकी फ़ोटो दुर्लभ और मूल्यवान फ़ोटो है यह फ़ोटो एनडीडीबी गेट की है दशक १९७० के उत्तरार्ध में शायद १९७१/१९७२ की है। वृक्ष बड़े हो गये, पुराने पेड़ों की जगह नये गये गेट बदल गया, बोर्ड का बोर्ड बदल गया, बहुत कुछ और भी बदला, पर बदला हम में से अधिकांश का स्नेह अपनी संस्था के प्रति जिसने हमें मौक़ा दिया कुछ बन जाने का !

SB Sen Mazumdar shares pictures (29 June 2020)

Rajan sent some more pictures (29 June 2020)

Siddiqui shares pictures from his album Mid 1980’s

Pictures sent by NR Singal

Singal, KS Rao and I went to US in 1981. Jhala Saheb too was with us as our leader. Jhala Saheb and I travelled to Canada too.

Nagar shared some pictures of 1970’s

This is work in progress this page will be revised and updated soon. Ideas and suggestions for improvement are most welcome.


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  1. Radhakrishnan Avatar

    I happened to read Mr Shekhar Roy’s “Lessons learnt from Dr. Kurien’ and felt the urge to pen down my admiration towards Shekhar Roy.
    In the early 15 years of my career in NDDB, I had the opportunity at various times to work with Shekhar Roy in Engineering and Purchase Departments. During this period of experience and growth, I imbibed few of the professional qualities from Shekhar Roy.
    He is a rare personality with the combination of sincerity, discipline and extremely hard working. His discipline used to reflect in the way he used to conduct his day to day work. Even for a short period of time away from his seat, he used to diligently switch off the light and fan. I guess, he had tamed his mind such that he did it involuntarily. The other example to mention is how he balanced his work and took additional responsibilities such as being the Secretary of BOHO club. He never allowed the extra responsibilities to interfere with the regular job. Before actual office hours started, he used to finish his club work.
    One more additional quality that is worth mentioning is his tremendous memory. We used to call him “Computer” as he remembers anything and everything.
    He reflected all the traits to be a ‘role model’ and I used to see in him Secretary of NDDB, if not Chairman.
    After my resignation from NDDB in 1987, I am sure he must have acquired lots of great positions before he retired.

    My humble wishes to him and his family.


  2. Mitali Avatar


  3. brucescholten Avatar

    Thanks to friend Kanubhai Parmar for the link to this historic site. Good to see photos of Dr Kurien and Mrs Molly, unforgetable people, indeed.

    1. Vrikshamandir Avatar

      Thank you 🙏🏼 Dr Scholten

  4. Arun Wayangankar Avatar
    Arun Wayangankar

    Nostalgia perfect

  5. Devidatt R. Chitale Avatar
    Devidatt R. Chitale

    Good Old days.

    1. Vrikshamandir Avatar

      Please share some pictures from your album

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