Stories of reward -III

By Dr Mukund Naware 

Dr Naware shares three instances of “intangible” rewards that he received in early years of NDDB. Intangible rewards that are constant ever lasting source of “psychic income”.

The Spear Head Team of Jalgaon was withdrawn in phases. I was the last person to return after handing over all the activities and project vehicles to Jalgaon Milk Union. It was on 1st of November 1976 that I reported for duty at Anand. I signed the muster and straightway went to our Farmers Organisation Division.

Many colleagues sitting there had comfortable Ten to Five routine and I thought how lucky they were !

Here was I returning from rigorous field work of last two and half years unaware of what is in store for me. .My wife and two year kid had been sent to Nagpur as future was unknown to us.

As I exchanged pleasantries with colleagues I saw Dr. Chothani entering the hall and going to his cabin. He called me loudly and asked to come to his cabin. I followed him. He sat on his chair and took out a cigarette.

As was his habit he held the cigarette in hand and started talking to me.

” Naware, you have done a splendid job I must say. But remember, a person like me who has first hand experiences and knows the intricacies of field work only can understand the importance of work that you have been doing. Others just can not understand it. You don’t expect such understanding from each and every person . ” He said.

Hearing these words I was about to cry but controlled myself.

Dr. Chothani understood my situation since he was fully aware of the circumstances under which the team was withdrawn and how the role played by politicians from Jalgoan.

” I think we have withdrawn the team at the right time. Now let them manage their things. Now you take rest. One of these days I will take you to Chairman. ” तुमने इतना अच्छा काम किया है, मै तुम्हे चेअरमनसे भी मिलाऊँगा ! ”

Dr. Chothani said. His words were consoling. I thought they were also like a reward.

Two days passed and it was my day to meet the Chairman, NDDB.
Dr. Chothani took me to Chairman’ office. We entered the Chairman’s Office around 11 am.

I had met the Chairman a couple of times before especially on occasions when he wanted a Marathi speaking guy to translate his speech to the visiting people from Maharashtra. But that was not enough for him to recognize me always.

” Sir, this is Dr. Naware. ” Dr. Chothani introduced me to the Chairman.

” You are still Alive ! I thought you are dead !! ” said Dr. Kurien.
I was baffled.
I could not follow him exactly. He understood my problem.
” I thought they would kill you. They said Anand Pattern would never succeed in Maharashtra and you proved them wrong. ” the Chairman said.

Then I understood the reference made to the Dairy Development Department of Maharashtra.

I felt very happy to have that welcome in a unique style and words spoken with indirect meaning. We were in the Chairman’s Office for about fifteen minutes but I don’t remember a single thing as constantly I was feeling elevated like never before.

That was a true reward for me.