My second Mulaquat with Dr Kurien and it changed my life

- Shubhra Roy 

Dr. Kurien the man that he was …

My second “Mulaquat” with Dr.Kurien changed my life

A few months had passed by after I first saw Dr Kurien when he gave us a lift to the movie hall.

I developed severe headache and had to seek advice from our “famous” Dr.Ashabhai. Those days he used to sit in Amul campus, as there was no dispensary in NDDB campus He prescribed Vitamin B-12 injections for five consecutive days. He asked me to come and visit the dispensary at Amul Campus between 3 pm and 5 pm for the same.

Obviously Shekhar could come out from office during those hours and I had to go alone.

Fortunately Anand Municipality had just started operating their bus service on a trial basis from Jagnath Mahadev to Railway Station. It took a circular route alternate once via Amul and then via Anand City City.

I was to take the 2.15 pm bus (via Amul) from Jagnath and return by 3.30 pm bus from Amul.

This was to be my first travel alone. My grandfather did not allow me to go out alone and in Anand, I always ventured out with Shekhar. But Shekhar so confidently told me to go alone that I could not explain to him my nervous state of mind.

First day I started with a prayer and I could reach Amul. And then with the help of Security personnel, I could reach Dr.Ashabhai’s dispensary. As the injection was rather painful, he asked me to take some rest before returning. With fear in mind about missing the bus, I reached Amul gate and was waiting near the Security Cabin for the bus.

At this time, a car coming from Amul stopped at the gate and I saw Dr.Kurien calling me to get into the car. In the car he enquired about the reason behind my standing at the Amul gate. I, with lot of fear, told him about the injection matter.

When he heard about B-12 injection, was unhappy that I am taking a bus so soon without taking proper rest. Second day, I did not want him to see me.

That was his returning time to NDDB after lunch. I tried to hide behind the Security Cabin. But suddenly, his driver (Dhanji) came to me and told me that Dr.Kurien was calling me. So, he dropped me that day also.

While getting down from the car at his office, he told me that I should wait at the dispensary itself for the next three days after taking the injection and his driver would pick me up before picking him up.

That was just like any father would have done to his daughter. So, I enjoyed the trip for the remaining days.

On the fifth day, after getting down from the car, I could not even say “Thank you” and tears started rolling from my eyes. He smiled and told me to go home and take rest and also asked me to tell Shekhar to pay Rs.5, one rupee per day.

I could just waive my hand and stood spellbound with gratitude to him and to God. Thereafter, I could slowly come out from my fear and nervous attitude, developed courage to go out alone. My approach to life changed.

Later after Soma and Joy were born, whenever we were walking around the campus and Dr.Kurien & Mrs.Kurien were passing by, they would invariably stop the car, get down from the car and bless the children. Great moments with a great man and his wife.

My last meeting with Dr.Kurien

After Shekhar’s retirement, we came to Bhubaneshwar when Joy was doing his MBA at IIT, Kharagpur.

After completion of his MBA, he joined Tata Motors, Pune in 2004. In 2006, he was selected as a Tata Administrative Service (TAS) officer and was posted at Tata Capital, Mumbai. In 2007, we also shifted to Mumbai.

During our stay in Mumbai, Dr.Kurien was admitted at Beach Candy Hospital and no one was allowed to visit him without Mrs.Kurien’s permission.

But we could get the permission with the help of Mr.Kulkarni of GCMMF, Mumbai. We went to see him. Mrs.Kurien was also there. Dr. was taking rest. After our arrival, Mrs.Kurien woke him up.

We were very sad to see him in that condition but his eyes were as bright as before. He recognised us both and asked about our welfare. He even asked me if I was still continuing with the dance school. With tears in my eyes, I touched his feet and he blessed us.

Doctor had allowed only 5 minutes for seeing him. We then came out along with Mrs.Kurien and had a long chat in the corridor outside the room before we took leave from her.

Dr. Kurien breathed his last on 9 September 2012.

When he gave me lift in his car and when I was going to Amul Dispensary for taking injections, he had asked me to tell Shekhar to pay Rs.5 for the service. We did not pay.

But since then, whenever I go to a temple I drop five rupees in the donation box in his name.

Dr.Kurien’s Anand was like my “Maika” where we both and our children grew.


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