Is God a creation of Man ?

By PT Jacob 

To me God is the creation of man. Can any one dispute that?

God is the creator of the Universe, including us. We formed different religious groups to worship Him/Her.

There are those who belong to specific religious groups and there are those who do not –but accept the concept of God as the Creator and possibly the Provider.

To most who knew Dr.V Kurien, he was an “atheist”. But from what i understood of him, he was not an “atheist” in it’s strictest sense.

He did not follow any religion — he remained a “universal” being, without attachments and being agnostic– but spiritual.

Whenever religious leaders visited Anand, Dr. Kurien used to host them.

Once when a Bishop of the Kerala Orthodox Church visited Anand, Dr. Kurien hosted lunch for him.

While having a chat with the Bishop, Dr. Kurien suddenly started talking about “alien” visitations and enquired about the Bishop’s opinion on the topic.

Sensing what the discussion was possibly leading to, Mrs Kurien tried to change the topic.

But Dr. Kurien persisted and went on.

The Christians believe that Virgin Mary conceived from the Holy Spirit and gave birth to Jesus in a manger in Bethlehem.

Angels are said to have visited Mary and conveyed to her what was going to happen, as God willed. Angels are said to have appeared to Shepherds after the birth to inform them of the birth of the Son of God, and they proceeded to the place of birth to pay their respects to the new born King.

Likewise three Wisemen also heard of the birth of Jesus and they followed a star which was stationary over the manger where Jesus was born, and reached the place to give precious gifts to the new born King and pay their respects. Jesus’ birth through Virgin Mary is fundamental to Christian faith.

According to Dr. Kurien’s narration to the Bishop, Aliens used to visit the earth more often those days, and Mary conceived Jesus through such an Alien. The Angels referred to were also Aliens. The Star mentioned was certainly a spaceship used by them. He attributed the special powers Jesus was supposed to have possessed to the union of Mary with such superior beings from outer space.

Mind you, Dr. Kurien was speaking to a senior Bishop of a Church. Mrs Kurien tried to intervene and avoid embarrassment to the Bishop, but Dr. Kurien, being the great story teller that he was, kept on and on. Strangely enough the Bishop looked quite amused and had a hearty laugh –he was very clever to hide his embarrassment.

Another example of Dr. Kurien’s narrative ability and naughtiness.

Contributed by PT Jacob NDDB 1970-2003, MD Milma Foods Ltd


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  1. Nirmala Kurien Avatar
    Nirmala Kurien

    Yes. Dada had read the book Charriots of Fire written by a Swiss writer Erik von Daniken…and agreed that his theory could be a possibility….God was an alien!
    He narrated this theory to a lot of people and probably it influenced him to be an atheist?!

  2. Anil Sachdev Avatar
    Anil Sachdev

    I have fond memories of Dr Kurien and our work with NDDB and Amul! And of course, having Shailendra ji with is in the last 20 years has been a treat! Lots of love

  3. rknagar Avatar

    First, God created man. God wanted to create something different from other animals, so he gave man slightly advanced brains. But the man didn’t know who his creator was, so he began to look for it. He couldn’t find him anywhere as God, hiding in human heart was watching what this creation with slightly advanced brain was upto.
    Frustrated at his inability to find god, man chose a short cut- he created God in his imagination and ….the rest, we all know is the chaos created in the name of God.
    A case of counter creation that is!

  4. Nagendra Prasad Avatar
    Nagendra Prasad

    Excellent. Thanks for sharing this, Sir

  5. Lalit Kar Avatar
    Lalit Kar

    Excellent story, Sir! Appreciate your way of storytelling!

  6. Lalit Kar Avatar
    Lalit Kar

    One day, God and Man met. Both exclaimed at the same time: “O, my creator!”

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