I fulfilled my curiosity

I got an opportunity to work as a member of the NDDB spearhead team at Jalgaon (Maharashtra) from 1974 to 1976. This was the period when Operation Flood – I was under implementation. This posting enabled me get a very good exposure into the workings of spearhead teams through which NDDB helped organise village levelContinue reading “I fulfilled my curiosity”

Fearless Karamyogi

Dr Kurien was a fearless karmyogi and he never asked for anything for himself. I recall when Jagjivan Ram wanted a private dairy to be funded under Operation Flood (OF), Dr Kurien’s blunt reply was that it could not be done. Surely the Minister had wanted him to be sacked but could not because ofContinue reading “Fearless Karamyogi”

Persuasive Powers

There never was and never will be another Verghese Kurien who reigned like a Colossus over the dairy industry of India for over 50 years. He had the authority to rule over the industry because of his intense knowledge of the sector, his faith in the capacity of the rural milk producers and his selflessContinue reading “Persuasive Powers”

Second virtual zoom meet of some former NDDB employees at Vrikshamandir held on 6 September, 2021

I wrote an email to all those who participated in the meeting thanking them for their presence and their contributions.My email message and reactions, suggestions received from many of them are given below. One of the many high points during this emotion filled virtual meeting, like last time, were the songs by Dr Hemendra Joshi.Continue reading “Second virtual zoom meet of some former NDDB employees at Vrikshamandir held on 6 September, 2021”

Lessons in control of Foot and Mouth Disease

                                    The ongoing pandemic has added many words to the vocabulary of common man which earlier he was not aware of. Now people know and freely use words like virus, corona, strain, sub strain, variant, mutant, double mutant,Continue reading “Lessons in control of Foot and Mouth Disease”

When the going gets tough the tough gets going !

The incident I believe, the incident that I am penning down will be of interest to our ‘Future Managers. It is a classic case and one of the novel ways in which an ‘effective manager’ can handle a tough situation to straighten quite a few hurdles in a single stroke. This officer whom I mentionedContinue reading “When the going gets tough the tough gets going !”

Dr. Kurien receives Lokmanya Tilak Award

I was NDDB, State Director for Maharashtra during 2000-2003. In the year 2002, we received a message that Dr. Kurien would visit to Pune to receive “Lokmanya TilakAward” constituted by Lokmanya Tilak Trust, at Tilak Smarak Bhavan, Pune. The entire staff comprising ten NDDB Officers was asked to attend the ceremony. The Tilak SmarakBhavan inContinue reading “Dr. Kurien receives Lokmanya Tilak Award”