On the proposed amendments to the NDDB act; A view point

The Government’s recent move to amend the NDDB act 37 of 1987 has drawn a lot of attention. In this article, I have attempted to analyse how the proposed amendments can be more effective by restructuring NDDB in the larger interest of the entire agricultural sector, including the dairy sector. In the last few days,Continue reading “On the proposed amendments to the NDDB act; A view point”

Vinod Huria Writes on amendment to NDDB Act; Another view point

All along we have subscribed to the notion, and Dr Kurien was very firm on this, that the job of the Government is governance and not business. We at the NDDB, promoted the cooperative sector as a form of managing business, where the ownership of the enterprise, vested with the major stakeholders (farmer producers). Although,Continue reading “Vinod Huria Writes on amendment to NDDB Act; Another view point”

One winter morning in Anand

The year 1991. I was still nine years away from leaving the National Dairy Development Board. I had always thought that God willing I will retire and live in Anand till I breathe my last and be taken to Kailash Bhoomi for cremation. I had my former colleagues and friends in the great City, theContinue reading “One winter morning in Anand”

Sadhu to ramta bhala

I served an esteemed institution National Dairy Development Board, during its formative years for two decades. My association with NDDB means a lot to me professionally and psychologically. I contributed to the programmes and projects of the organisation to further its objectives to the best of my abilities and in the process I “grew up”!Continue reading “Sadhu to ramta bhala”

Amul celebrates Diamond Jubilee

Reproducing an article by Shri BM Vyas for the souvenir publised on the occassion of Golden Jubilee of Amul Thank you for your invitation to share my memories of Amul, on the auspicious occasion of the 75th anniversary of this esteemed organisation. Incidentally, I had joined Amul in June 1971, and that was the timeContinue reading “Amul celebrates Diamond Jubilee”

એનડીડીબી-અનુભવની પાઠશાળા

અતિતની ભીતરમાં ડોકિયું કરતા અનેક પ્રસંગોની હારમાળા ઉપસી આવે અને તેને યાદ કરી માણવાની મજા આવે ,કેટલાંક કાર્ય સ્થલે બનેલા બનાવો આજે પણ સ્મરણ પટ પર રમતા જોવા મલે અને તેને યાદ કરતાં આનંદની લહેર શરીરમાંથી પસાર થાય! આશરે ચાર દાયકા પહેલાં જયારે મારી એનડીડીબી મા નિમણુંક થઇ અને સાબરમતી આશ્રમ ગૌશાળા,અમદાવાદ ખાતે પોસ્ટીંગ થયુંContinue reading “એનડીડીબી-અનુભવની પાઠશાળા”

Great Blessing

Working with Dr Kurien for over 24 years has been a great blessing. He led from the front and was totally committed to the dairy farmers of India and showed the thoroughness that was needed to handle the tremendous challenges that we faced. He was able to muster support from the highest levels in theContinue reading “Great Blessing”

Tribute to Dr.KS Nair GBVC (Bombay), MRCVS (UK), DTVM (UK)

Kerala got its first outstanding and highly qualified Veterinary Professional : A Practioner , Educator , Scientist , Manager , Development Specialist and Administrator : all rolled into one , in 1955 : when the then Travancore-Cochin Government Found and Appointed Sri K Sankaran Nair : (Dr.KS Nair) GBVC (Bombay) , MRCVS (UK) , DTVMContinue reading “Tribute to Dr.KS Nair GBVC (Bombay), MRCVS (UK), DTVM (UK)”

Lessons in control of Foot and Mouth Disease

                                    The ongoing pandemic has added many words to the vocabulary of common man which earlier he was not aware of. Now people know and freely use words like virus, corona, strain, sub strain, variant, mutant, double mutant,Continue reading “Lessons in control of Foot and Mouth Disease”

Dr HB Joshi appears for a job Interview at NDDB 1977

My job interview with NDDB and lessons learnt ! Slipping back to the den of glorious past in 1975, I had graduated from Gujarat College of Veterinary Science Anand and had obtained prestigious degree of Bachelor of Veterinary Science and Animal Husbandry ( BV Sc.& AH). I got my first job on an ad hocContinue reading “Dr HB Joshi appears for a job Interview at NDDB 1977”

I wrote in the minutes book of the NDDB Dairy Development Board

I enjoyed the task and it has become one of the many fond remembrances of my past with NDDB After joining the service at NDDB in January 1974, I underwent a “training” at village level milk producers cooperative societies affiliated to the Kheda District Milk Producers Union Ltd ( Amul Dairy). However, my training wasContinue reading “I wrote in the minutes book of the NDDB Dairy Development Board”