Reminiscing my days with NDDB and the lessons learnt

During mid eighties Oilseeds and Vegetable Oil Wing (OVOW) was allocated work space in the Diagnostic Laboratory ground floor and OVOW staff was shifted there from the main campus .

One day we were expecting Dr. Kurien’s visit to the building. We kept our tables etc. clean and neat as usual and were hoping to meet him. But when Dr Kurien arrived, he first visited the rest room and noticed water leakages. He asked the Engineering Department Head to take action against the person incharge for not being alert to stop water leakage in the building.

  • We have to keep our desk clean do not expect others to do it
  • A minute defect is also a defect.
  • Perfection in output is most important.

Twelve of us were recruited as ASsistant Executive / Trainee Executive in the Farmers Organisation Division for the Oilseeds project in 1983. Agreements with some states participating in the project were pending. Therefore, initiation of the project work in those states had not taken place. One day Dr. Chothani saw one of our colleagues talking loudly without work in the office disturbing others.

Dr. Chothani who was the Executive Director, Oilseeds and a Vegetable Oil Wing, immediately called our immediate boss and asked him that person who was found disturbing others be deputed to Junagadh for an indefinite period and till further instruction. After few months Dr. Chothani remembered the incidence and called back that to the headquarters at Anand.

  • Discipline is very important in life

I was working for Tree Growers Project and posted in Kolar, I was asked to accompany the Zilla Parishad President, (ZP CEO) an IAS officer and DFO an IFS officer from Kolar, for a meeting with Dr. Kurien, Mrs. Amrita Patel and Mr. V K Mishra to be held at Anand.

During the meeting Dr. Kurien got a call from Delhi Office for approval of Rs.50 crore of purchase of some items. He Okayed it over phone pending formal written approval. Officials from Kolar and ZP President we’re very surprised.

  • Speed and transparency of work

During the same period when I was with the Tree Growers Project work during 1989-1992, in Kolar some allegations were raised by vested interests and a politician on land lease to Tree Growers Cooperative Societies in Shidlaghtta Taluk.

The project work was stalled for few months. Later the then Chief Secretary realized the mistake of the State Government and the then Chief Minister Shri Bangarappa wrote a letter expressing regrets to Dr. Kurien.

  • Vested interests can not harm NDDB project like Government run projects as there was transparency in the work NDDB did.

I was on the Board of Dharwad and Belgaum District Milk unions during 1993 -1995. After attending the Board meeting I Boarded the KGN Bus from Hubli to Bangalore. On the way near Tumkur to Bangalore road, the bus met with an major accident and 22 people died on the spot.

On the way near Tumkur to Bangalore road, the bus met with a major accident and 22 people died on the spot.It was a miraculous escape, and second life for me as I had only some injuries. I somehow managed to reach Bangalore K C General Hospital. Once the Bangalore office came to know of my plight they helped me for all the hospitalization and care that was needed.

  • Caring for employees

Contributed by K Narasimha Nakshakthri NDDB 1983-1996 and Mother Dairy, Bengaluru 2002-2005


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