How I Missed my Tandoori Chicken?

That evening Dr. Kurien and I returned to our Hotel after a series of International Dairy Federation meetings in Frankfurt.

We were tired as the meetings lasted long with little time for breaks.

Dr. Kurien naturally wanted to have a some rest so we went to our respective rooms.

At around 7 pm Dr. Kuried phoned me and said let us go for dinner. We met at the reception.

I enquired whether he would like to eat at the Hotel or in a restaurant outside the hotel.

He suggested that let us ask the Hotel Concierge for his recommendation. Dr. Kurien asked the concierge for the name and location of the best Indian Restaurant in Frankfurt where he could have a Tandoori chicken. It appeared he was probably being considerate to my food preference for chicken tandoori. I was aware that while on tour abroad he normally preferred to eat western food.

We left for the Indian Restaurant by a taxi. On our way Dr. Kurien noticed a McDonald Outlet quickly changed his mind and asked the Taxi Driver to take us to the McDonald outlet instead of the Indian Restaurant.

Dr. Kurien ate two Burgers and said he preferred to eat burgers or any other western food while traveling abroad. In Rome do as Romans do!

Frankly that day I missed Tandoori Chicken.

Contributed by Shri NK Chawla former Executive Director NDDB

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