Image and reality

- Dipankar Chattopadhyay 

Behind a “strong and tough ” personality, that Dr. Kurien exuded he was actually a very kind hearted person!

Once in the NDDB Goregaon campus, we all NDDBians witnessed Dr. Kurien’s child like simplicity. We did not have mobile phones with camera those days in 1990’s and we missed capturing on camera those moments.

Dr. Kurien arrived that evening after a busy day in meetings in Mumbai and his car stopped in front of the of the multi-storey residential complex. He was to stay that night at the NDDB guest house on the tenth floor.

The moment his driver opened the back door of his car for Dr. Kurien to alight, campus kids who were playing nearby swarmed around and almost hijacked the car, They started entering the car, almost locking Dr. Kurien inside. This happened within seconds. Dr. Kurien had to literally struggle to get out of the car



Heroes of NDDB Gorengaon campus ( 1990’s)

They are all now professionals .. doctors, engineers, computer engineers, chartered accountants etc making their parents of 1990 Kurien era proud and happy


Thereafter, Dr. Kurien personally assisted one by one a few more children standing around to get into the car almost pushing them inside his car.

He then asked the driver to give the children a joy ride in the campus.

Having done that he slowly walked in his “slow pace confident” typical Kurien walk towards the lift, looking at us with a satisfying smile writ large on his face.

One afternoon Dr.Kurien and Miss Patel stayed at Goregaon Guest House on They we’re leaving next early morning on a visit abroad. In the evening both came down and were walking towards Dr.Madhavan’s bungalow .

Dr.Kurien called one of the children from among those playing nearby and asked him if he can escort him to Dr Madhavan’s house.

Like a good boy, he caught Dr. Kurien’s finger and started walking on the long step walk leading to Dr. Madhvan’s bungalow.

Miss Patel was following Dr. Kurien led by the child. After walking some distance the child suddenly let loose Dr.Kurien’s finger and told Dr. Kurien in a voice filled with confidence “Uncle ji up aakele chale jaiyen, mere ko khelna hai.” (अंकल जी आप अकेले चले जाएँ मेरे को खेलना है).

Saying this within seconds the child left Dr. Kurien to join his other playmates.

Many of us who were nearby witnessed this amusing incident.

Miss. Patel told Dr. Kurien in her usual style “Why did you disturb the child from his play, let us walk down ourselves to Dr. Madhavan’s house!”

Contributed by Dipankar Chattopadhyaya; NDDB 1977 / 2010


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    Excellent. Please put some pressure on your brain and try to recollect the names of the kids and what are they now !! It would be very interesting.


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