Moving fingers write; Retrospect


WordPress is very kind !

I mean it.

True, I had to pay for the premium plan that I took on WordPress but that was my choice. I could have chosen an option and start writing without paying a dime!

In retrospect it was a good decision.

My wife asked me “How much did pay for it?”

As I normally tend to do when confronted with such questions I tried to avoide answering the question directly and instead gave her a long speech on how unlike during our childhood, now every thing in this world comes with a price. Ending with “No free lunch dear these days” !

That made her pause but I could clearly see that she wasn’t impressed

Mercifully my grand daughter walked into the room and the subject of our conversation changed quickly.

Looking at life in retrospect is real fun in old age. This is because we have a lot of space on the wall of “Past”, some space on the wall of “Present” but as we get older the space on the wall of “Future” gets not only lesser day by day but seems very uncertain.

I have been thinking of writing some thing or the other for years now. But never started writing. Actually I wrote a lot off and on. But wasn’t satisfied with what I wrote and since it was written on paper I would destroy my own writing. In the electronic age it is different. I have been able to locate some poems that I wrote in Hindi seven years ago made some changes and published it on my blog

One of my favourite poems on the subject of looking at life retrospectively is by Harvansh Rai Bachan, father of famous Indian Mega Film Star, Amitabh Bachan, titled is Jeewan ki aapa Dhapi me (जीवन की आपाधापी में..)

Lyrics in Hindi with English translation can be accessed at

One can listen this poem recited by Amitabh Bachan at

I repeat what I said earlier, WordPress is very kind because it’s kindness enables me to write, re write, edit, put in draft or schedule a date and time for publishing or just publish instantly. I can always delete a post.

So much flexibility !

Before I end, those of you who follow my blog may have read the page titled “Meeting Dr. V. Kurien” in November 1967 where I describe my interview that he took and which opened the gate for my first full time job.

My letter of appointment dated 10th May 1968, makes very interesting reading.

It goes some thing like this.

With respect to his application dated 30 April 1968 Shri Kumar is hereby appointed as Project Assistant with retrospective effect from 1 May 1968. …

I thank in retrospect for the fine use of word retrospect that enabled me get my first full time job and not lose the salary for ten days as my appointment letter was issued on 10 May 1968 whereas I started working from 1 May 1968.

And also in retrospect I thank WordPress again because of which I am able to write and rewrite with so much of ease.


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  1. Shailendra, I just posted an article on Cow slaughter on my LinkedIn page. I have dared touch a topic which is, perhaps more sensitive than CAA. Would appreciate your comments. Best, Nagar

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    • Thanks I will certainly read your article, Nagar .
      Dr Kurup too has recently shared one article on the same subject. .
      It will be interesting to see if you both have similar stances or differing views on this contentious subject.

      I will revert

      We also need to write on the conversations that Dr Kurien had with RSS Sarsanghchalak Golwalkar ji while they were both members of the cow protection committee in sixties.
      Many of us have heard it from Dr Kurien.
      I will revert

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