Dr. V Kurien stories and anecdotes

This page provides links to Stories and anecdotes Contributed by former employees of the National Dairy Development Board and other institutions that came up at Anand during the life time of Dr Kurien

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The stories and anecdotes contributed are divided in three themes Inspiration, Work and Wit & Humour. Link to stories under each theme is provided below.


We must have a calculated sense of recklessness

Incidents that Inspired those who worked with him during during his life time.

Work and Ethics

A person who does not have respect for time, and does not have a sense of timing, can achieve little.

Stories that provide a peek into the way he treated Work and guided his colleagues so that they out their best

Wit and Humour

Don’t act like a Kurien one is enough !

Anecdotes full of Wit and Humour that bring out lighter moments leaving an ever lasting impact.

This page is under development and as and when material as and when received are posted as links to relevant sections as described above.

Good news is that contributors have started sending in their stories and anecdotes. I have been uploading a couple of stories each day.

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Stories that Inspire

Stories that bring out work ethics

Stories that bring out with and humour


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