Dr. Kurien and the first BOHO dinner

RK Nagar
RK Nagar

BOHO, or whatever this acronym stands for, is the Social club of the National Dairy Development Board established after we moved to the campus in 1970.

The dinner was organised on the 1st of April 1971. The venue, main lobby of the old hostel. Apart from NDDB staff and their families, we had some participants from Amul as well. No need to mention, Dr and Mrs Kurien were there to take part in the fun.

Shri Anirudhan, Assistant Secretary, NDDB was ‘elected’ as the first BOHO king by random picking of slips from a bowl. It is a different thing that all the slips had only one name. He was a great sport and carried out his ‘Duty’ as the King with aplomb. 

One part of the dinner was ‘party games’ and on agenda was a very popular game where participants pick a slip from a bowl, read the slip and enact what is in the slip. It could be a dance step, singing a song or a mimicry act whatsoever. 

When the bowl passed at Dr. Kurien, he picked a slip too. He was a great sport and ready to enact what the message on the slip demanded. He opened the slip, read it, folded it, looked at the expectant audience, smiled and kept quite. He then showed it to Mrs Kurien, then they both smiled. We were all anxious to know what message does the slip contain and eagerly looked forward to his act. 

But he just kept smiling. When all of us wanted to know what is he going to do, he passed the slip to master of ceremonies-Ashok Koshy and asked him to loudly read it. 

And the slip said, “What would you do if you were the Chairman of NDDB”. 

This is called some ‘party luck’. 

Pictures courtesy G Rajan and SB Sen Mazumdar

A polygraphed magazine Facts and Solid non Facts was started and a competition to suggest a name for the club was organised by Shri Ashok Koshy, IAS the then Executive Assistant to Chairman NDDB and later Director ( Administration ) who was the moving force behind organising this social club. Entry fee was Rs 1/-. A total of31 entries were received. Finally the jury selected BOHO as the official name of the club. If I remember correctly it was PT Jacob who suggested the name BOHO and got the prize of Rs 31/- Many believe that B in Boho stands for Buffalo making BoHO as Buffaloes of the highest order. The opinion is highly divided as B stands for many other words in English. 😁🙏🏼


3 thoughts on “Dr. Kurien and the first BOHO dinner

  1. Shri Nagar’s write-up describes year 1971 but the pictures posted are those of New Year Dinner of Dec 1972, a BOHO function where everyone was supposed to come in fancy dress.
    May be he would like to write on that too…….

    • Point noted Doctor Saheb. Your request will be conveyed to Shri Nagar. I agree pictures got mixed up on 1 April 1971, the Kheda District Table Tennis Tournament that BOHO organised ( as pointed out by Shri Sen Mazumdar on Facebook ) and the Dinner of December 1972, your point out. But let us not forget BOHO day is 1 April. So such mix up is alright😀

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