Moving Fingers still write; Christmas 2019 (Revised March, 2022)

Reproducing a slightly edited version of a blog I wrote in December 2019. Vrikshamandir first appeared online in November 2019. That was a time when I was going through a rough patch. I was healthy, yet there was something amiss. Vrikshamandir was an idea and with the help of friends and former colleagues, I wasContinue reading “Moving Fingers still write; Christmas 2019 (Revised March, 2022)”

One winter morning in Anand

The year 1991. I was still nine years away from leaving the National Dairy Development Board. I had always thought that God willing I will retire and live in Anand till I breathe my last and be taken to Kailash Bhoomi for cremation. I had my former colleagues and friends in the great City, theContinue reading “One winter morning in Anand”

Dr. Kurien and the first BOHO dinner

BOHO, or whatever this acronym stands for, is the Social club of the National Dairy Development Board established after we moved to the campus in 1970. The dinner was organised on the 1st of April 1971. The venue, main lobby of the old hostel. Apart from NDDB staff and their families, we had some participantsContinue reading “Dr. Kurien and the first BOHO dinner”

कहाँ गये वह दिन !

एक दिन पार्क के उस छोर पर जहां मैं अक्सर घूमने जाता हूँ, पत्थरों पर लिखे यह प्रेरणादायी शब्द दिखे। साधारणत: यह पार्क सूना ही रहता है । यहाँ से दूर कुछ लोग अकेले अथवा बच्चों या कुत्ते के साथ दीखते हैं पर इस छोर पर शायद ही कभी कोई मिला हो। एकांत में यहाँContinue reading “कहाँ गये वह दिन !”