Lessons Learnt from Dr.Kurien – 4

- Shekhar Roy

During my service period in NDDB, I had interactions with Dr.V Kurien on many occasions, official, demi-official and also personal. 

Most of these interactions have taught some invaluable lessons which had helped in restructuring my personal value system and eventually my character. 

There are small incidences which are still in my memory and the lessons learnt that I have imbibed within. 

I would like to share yet another incident which influenced my personal life.

Later in my career when I was posted in the Purchase Division, Director, Purchase was out of town and I was asked by the Chairman’s office, to prepare a note on some subject which Dr.Kurien would like to carry with him for to Delhi a meeting with the Ministry.

Dr. Kurien was to leave for Delhi the next day morning. I prepared the note, showed it to Mr.GM Jhala, Secretary,NDDB and submitted to the Chairman’s office.

After about an hour, I got a call from his office saying that Chairman would like to see me immediately. I rushed down to his chamber. Dr. Kurien, showed the two page note that I had prepared to me and asked if anything was wrong with it.

I was dumbfounded.

Dr. Kurien, then showed me that the pages have not been stapled properly. It was stapled vertically and according to him, it should always be stapled at 45 degree so that while reading the pages won’t tear at the stapling point.

He then asked me to call our steno who had typed it and also all the stenos/typists in other divisions too, to his office. He then demonstrated to all – how to staple the pages.

What a sense of perfection !

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