Video and audio links about Dr Verghese Kurien

This page is a compilation of video and audio links wherein Dr. Verghese Kurien has appeared giving interviews, making statements, speaking at events etc.

Vrikshamandir “audio artist” Dr SC Malhotra whose life journey in audio format on Vrikshamandir is much liked and appreciated had also asked me to add such links.

I request all those who read this to please share video and audio links and I will keep on adding here.

Here is the first post of a link thanks to Vivek Mathai, Nirmala Kurien and Dr RP Aneja each of whom in the last 24 hours shared this link. Yes, same video three persons from Mumbai, Chennai and Toronto. I got the same link through a mail from my friend Behla who got it from Shri Sam Chaudhry. This happened on 20 May 2020.

So I start this compilation.

First link to videos of Dr Kurien

1- “Verghese Kurien on success of Amul: Nobody becomes strong unless he battles” on YouTube

2- Shyam Benegal’s ‘Manthan’ Was The First Indian Crowdfunded Movie

In fact I had earlier created a page but not made it public as it was more for my references and had posted it on

Any one who wishes to access my reference page can now do so by by typing in search “ Link to some web pages “ or clicking on the button below.


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