Contributions from IRMA fraternity

Thank you Prof. Hitesh Bhatt and friends from IRMA. I am grateful to you for posting my appeal for collecting stories and anecdotes on your Facebook page and Alumni network.

Response that I am getting is amazing. Since yesterday I have received anecdotes from Dushyant Mishra, Madhusudan Manvi, Ajay Gupta, Dhiraj Hazarika,. I hope to get many more contributions.

However, what made my day today is a message that I got from a former IRMA student this morning. Without disclosing his name I am sharing his message.

“I read your piece. And that’s when I realised once again that what you have set out to do is so precious. Those who love Dr. Kurien want to hear everything he said and did. Those who really know what he did also know that this was like impossible and continues to be impossible if one has to do again for some other commodity. So, one wonders what his management style was like. And that’s how each piece shared by anyone who ever came in contact with him is all ears. Plus the typicality of each response is so consistent in all anecdotes that you are able to immediately identify same with him.”

Links to some of the anecdotes already posted are given below.;

Everything that goes up eventually comes down

Each year this slope gets steeper

Four occasions, four memories and four messages

Rules must be followed to maintain discipline

Give the best to expect best

For search


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