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How can the high standards that make an institutions unique be compromised ?

Contributed by Nagendra Prasad Donakonda NDDB 1998-2005

I had got through the competition and joined the two year flagship Post Graduate Program in Rural Management at IRMA in 1995. This happened sometime June 1996. Third Semester was over (Year 1 of the program) and in June 1996 we came to know that five of my classmates, including yours truly, were not to be promoted to the fourth semester as they fell short of academic requirements in the 3rd semester.

It was a big blow to all of us. We were disheartened, confused and worried about our future. One among five of us who had faced relatively more hardships to fund his studies and meet the costs of staying at IRMA finally decided to write to Dr.V. Kurien. We had by then a few who empathized with our situation including our family members, some professors and batch mates who happened to performed well academically and were on the student academic committee willing to help us perform well subsequently provided Chairman grants permission to us to get promoted to 4th term.

It was only Chairman who could relax the academic requirements.

In his representation, the one who represented among five of us, mentioned about his dreams from school days to pursue studies at IRMA. He also narrated some of the personal difficulties that he had faced in pursuit of studies and pleaded the Chairman, Dr.Kurien’s mercy and allow him to get promoted to the subsequent term.

Our hopes (the balance four of us) also hinged on to this representation sent to Dr. Kurien as a positive response from Dr. Kurien would mean that we too get a chance and get promoted.

The reply to the representation from Dr.V Kurien is ever itched in my memory.

He wrote something to this effect;

“While I understand your sincere efforts and struggles to join IRMA, you will appreciate that it is those high standards and ideals that attracted you to IRMA in the first place and now you cannot seek to dilute those very high standards. Given your grit and determination, I am sure you will rise up to the standards of IRMA with a chance to repeat the first year of the program and complete your studies in accordance with the mandated requirements.”

This incident taught all of us a great inspiring lesson.

No compromise with or dilution in the standards that are set for an institutions, as only then the institution can hope to achieve a unique character and position in the world outside.

Is not the same applies to us individuals? There can not be any compromise or dilution with the standards we set for ourselves in our path of self improvement.

We successfully completed the two year program, except one who withdrew, fulfilling all the academic requirements, though it took us a little longer duration than our batch mates.

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