Meeting of former NDDB employees at Anand on 21/22 January 2023

I visited my home country, Bharat, from 14 November 2022 to 6 March 2023, after nearly two years and four months. There was so much to do during the four-month trip to Bharat; So many people to meet—so many places to visit. I was excited but tired too.

After all, I had just gotten over my radiation sessions in June 2022 and was in the middle of hormone injections while starting medication for my heartbeat too. There was some anxiety, but the excitement was far more than the anxiety. The first few months went very well, and I could cross out many tasks on my to-do list while in India.

The month of February 2023 was a waste as I fell sick immediately after my return to Gurgaon from a very satisfying trip to Anand, where I participated in the third get-together of former NDDB employees. I was bedridden during the month of February 2023 first with pneumonia and then with UTI.

I was lucky to have recovered just in time to travel back to cold and freezing Toronto in early March and not pay a penalty for a change in air tickets booked months ago.

I travelled more than 5000 km by road in the states of Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Rajasthan and Gujarat. I also travelled by air taking 4 flights. Roads have greatly improved so have airports.

I will write separately about my trips to my village Banduari, Gorakhpur, Anand, Nadiad, Vadodara, Netrang, Statue of Unity and Bhavnagar, Ahmedabad, Palanpur, Chittorgarh, Salangpur, Dubai and Cairo.

I first wanted to do a quick short blog on my visit to Anand.

Next week I hope to be able to post videos of some fascinating discussion sessons that were organised during 21/22 January, meeting of former NDDB employees at Anand.

Let me begin by sharing some pictures !

I have 427 photographs and about 7 hours of video recordings taken during the third meeting of former NDDB employees held on 21/22 January, 2023. ( Photography and videography thanks to Ramesh Baria who has been a sort of official photographer at NDDB after National Studio).

I don’t know why I am facing some technological challenges and struggling to upload all the photographs and videos. I hope to solve these issues with the help of a friend who has agreed to come home and help me on Sunday 26 March. Looking forward to his visit.


4 thoughts on “Meeting of former NDDB employees at Anand on 21/22 January 2023

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  2. Thanks Sir for everything. During all the three get-togethers you managed to come all the way from Canada and literally conducted the program. It is very encouraging and motivating to see your participation with so much enthusiasm. Looking forward to meet you in the next meet. Regards

    • Thank you 🙏आप जैसे मित्रों और सहकर्मियों का स्नेह और मेरी अन्नदायिनी एनडीडीबी के प्रति मेरा आजन्म कृतज्ञ भाव मुझे शक्ति देता है । अगली बार ऐसे अवसर पर फिर आना चाहूँगा यदि परम पिता परमेश्वर की अनुकंपा रही तो 🙏.

      होइहे सोच जो राम रचि राखा को करि तरक बढावहि साखा !

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