Aching Joys* ~ by G Krishnan

On 23 August some of us “Former NDDB Employees” had our first meet at “Virtual Vrikshamandir ”. We had two meetings that day first at 0700 am and the second at 0730 pm (India Time). Eighteen of us spent an hour and half during these two meeting each lasting well over ninety minutes. Participation at the evening meeting was higher compared to the morning meeting.

Why two meetings ? This became necessary to enable persons from the former NDDB employees diaspora spread over continents from Australia to North America.

G Krishnan shares his feelings after attending the Zoom meeting of 23 August 2021.

Aching Joys

First of all let me thank you for remembering a village bum and inviting him for the meet despite his limited tenure in the NDDB. Let me also confess that I do not have a computer or laptop. No Wi Fi either.I am managing with a tiny contraption better known as mobile phone and the mobile data provided by the service provider.

Thus, as far as modern communication technology is concerned, I am something of a primitive cave dweller. Believe me,this was the first Zoom Meet I have attended.

Naturally, my hands were shaking and voice stammering. Hopefully, time will prove to be a healer!

Another point is that out of the 8 people who attended the morning meet ( probably I had the shortest stint in the NDDB,about six and a half years , that too, one year with CLUSA in Delhi. That is why, out of all the invitees, I knew only four !

Now, as is my wont, I have penned a longish introduction, without saying anything of substance.But then, as the adage goes , what else do you expect from an empty vessel?

You feel the ache because it was all so beautiful and demanded time and energy. It is also something that emerges from memory, from a distance.I feel only aching joy’s now when I recollect those beautiful days and moments of my past. But it aches to know that they are gone, but there is joy in the memory that they happened and joy in narrating them.

Now, a couple of points regarding the meet. Frankly, I found the limited participation somewhat disappointing. I was expecting at least around 20 people in the morning session. Did not find any of the guys who joined in 1973 as part of the Planning Cell under Dr. KJ Singh. At least 5- 6 of us are still around!.

Out of the 8 who attended in the morning, I knew only you, Bhela, Arun and Malhotra (Malhotra, despite his dark mustache,which seem to have done the vanishing trick! )Notwithstanding the above, let us hope that over the next few weeks , participatin will move up.

Another thought creeps up in my mind. Since the platform can accommodate upto 100 participants can a person be allowed to join the evening meeting also with a view to meeting old friends and colleagues whom we would have missed in the morning meet ? In my particular case ,I missed Nagar, Siddiqui and Sekhar.

Will add a couple of paras a little later.

* Aching Joys is a phrase stolen from Willim Wordsworth. Regards,Krishnan

Pictures in the two galleries on this page were taken during my visits to Krishnan’s home near Cochin amidst a plantation of spices, fruits and other agricultural crops. On our second visit Shri and Smt. KP Muralidharan accompanied Kiran and me.

I remember those visits filled with warmth, love, and camaraderie.

Other friends too have written about the meeting notably Nagar, Behla, Belavadi, Malhotra, Siddiqui and Shekhar Roy. I will be sharing their observations, comments and suggestions on these meetings separately.

Before I end , a question ?

Why the picture of refrigerator in the gallery above? Any guesses ? Please leave your comments in the box given towards the end of this page.


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  2. Rashmikant Nagar Avatar
    Rashmikant Nagar

    It is very hard to give up ‘old faithfuls’. I too had to unwillingly give away my fridge bought in 1975 in 2015. The objects are inanimate but they give you many memorable moments and become inseparable part of your life. My wife and I too felt very sad when we had to part with it.
    So, I can very well understand the feelings of Krishnans when they had to part with their own ‘old faithful’.

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  4. G.KRISHNAN Avatar

    The fridge in the picture is a Voltas Opal purchased in 1976 with a loan of Rs.4000 provided by the Indian Overseas Bank ,Anand.It served us extremely well for a period of 45 years without breaking down even once,in spite of having undergone 6 major changes in locations ! Therefore despite being an inanimate mechanical object ,we came to love it as a family member.Sadly ,last year we had to give it away as the compressor became very weak.Despite old age, the good old fellow did not stop work.When a pick up cart carried HIM away on the last day ,I could see my wife’s eyes welling up with tears.

  5. Dr SC MALHOTRA Avatar

    “Aching joys” is a lovable piece to recollect old memories.
    Krishnan resembles young Dr Kurup in pics …. I had to zoom to see properly.
    The recipet of the fridge is a proof as to how much caring is he that he still has the fridge in use purchased from Desai Agencies, Anand.
    I agree with him that there should have been more members in the meet.
    Krishnan, most of us are very new to modren gadgets …..for me also it was 2nd zoom meeting. So nothing wrong.
    All the best Krishnan , keep it up.👍👌

    1. PT Jacob Avatar
      PT Jacob

      Yes, it’s absolutely great to read about the Voltas fridge. The quality of the refrigerators those days was very good. Most of us replace old fridges at the pleas/demands of the gharvalees. In Mr. Krishnan ‘s case the credit for the use of that fridge should first go to Mrs.Krishnan. She has been an extremely seasoned and judicious partner for him in life. God bless the family.

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