First virtual zoom meet of former NDDB employees at Vrikshamandir held on 23 August 2021

On 23 August some of us “Former NDDB Employees” had our first meet at “Virtual Vrikshamandir ”. We had two meetings that day first at 0700 am and the second at 0730 pm (India Time). Eighteen of us spent an hour and half during these two meeting each lasting well over ninety minutes. Participation at the evening meeting was higher compared to the morning meeting.

Why two meetings ? This became necessary to enable persons from the former NDDB employees diaspora spread over continents from Australia to North America.

I wrote an email to all those who participated at the meeting thanking them for their presence and contributions at the meeting. My email message and reactions, suggestions received from many of them is given below. I have already posted a separate blog on G Krishnan’s observation. One of the many high points during this emotion filled virtual meet were songs by Dr Hemendra Joshi during the evening meeting. We all enjoyed his singing.


Dear All,

It was a good meeting that we had earlier today. Thank you 🙏 I would begrateful if each of you write a para or two or even a page or two on this meeting .. your experience of seeing and hearing old colleagues and thoughts during and after the meeting. Also suggestions to carry such conversations further? I propose compile the same in a blog for and other social media. This is because we felt that ways need to be found to get more participation. You may send a voice record on what’s app too if you so wish.
I will write separately summarising my understanding of what all we agreed upon for your comments and suggestions.
Once again my heartfelt thanks for your presence. You did an honour to me and to our collective memories of the days gone by while we were at NDDB ..which now is “Once upon a time…” .😁🙏🏼


PS: Further to my above email sent a couple of days earlier, I have received from Dr HB Joshi a podcast his first on Anchor. Please confirm if you are able to listen 🎧 to his podcast

Farid A Siddiqui
Farid A Siddiqui

As we have not had any interaction since the last reunion of former NDDB employees in February 2020, Shri Shailendra Kumar decided to invite former employees of NDDB to two Zoom meetings — one in the morning of August 23 and the other in the evening.

Two timings were suggested so that people wanting to attend the meeting will find at least one time slot convenient.

Anybody desirous of attending both the meetings he was welcome to do that.

There were 8 participants in the morning session and 11 in the evening. More number of people turning up at the evening meet was expected. Even though most of us have retired with plenty of time on our hand, our mornings are still rush time — with exercises and walks to do, mails, Whatsapp messages and what-have-you to read and reply to. And, then there are the grand children to attend to.

Many of us we exchanged our thoughts with last evening have not met in decades. The meeting convened by Shri Shailendra Kumar, therefore, provided a great opportunity for all of us to gather on a common platform (even though virtual) and talk about our times and life in NDDB, share our joys and sorrows (a colleague lost his wife), say a few words in remembrance of our fallen colleagues who we thought would never go away.

 The attendees in the evening session were: S/Shri RK Nagar, Shekhar Roy, RK Makrandi, Mukund Naware, Farid Siddiqui, Dr. Himanshu V Joshi, Dr. SC Malhotra (for a short white), Dr. Arun Wayangankar (I am missing a couple of names here. Pl add those.) ~ Siddiqui

VS Behla
VS Behla

Dear friends,I did not see Sekhar Roy though his name was mentioned.I presume Sekhar is Sekhar Roy of the movie projector fame.If yes, here I go!Dear Sekhar, I agree with your suggestion but dear I for one will not be able to think and carry out the operations as my experience on the gadget is poor.Thanks folks for your participation but it was to small. Get hold of others and motivate them to participate(FO style).Share some Lal Bahadur stories etc.With best regardsVirindra

RK Nagar
RK Nagar

It was nice connecting with you all through this meeting. I am hoping that many more will join in, even if occasionally to live through nostalgia.
Just one suggestion. In this forum, let us talk more about ‘Life on the campus/ campuses outside the business’. That would, in my humble view, make stories more broad based, more fun and create opportunities for the families to participate and enjoy this forum more.
It is just a thought. You don’t have to necessarily agree with me.
Warmly, Nagar

Shekhar Roy
Shekhar Roy

Dear Shailendraji,
Nothing to comment on y’day’s meetings except that it was fabulous. Besides seeing the UGLY faces of our ex-colleague, I felt good that in this difficult phase, we all have had the grace of Almighty that we are alive today to meet each other.
Proceedings went on well. One small suggestion to all participants – Always please keep your microphone sound setting on mute. When you need to speak just unmute and speak as much as you want. In fact, this is the basic advise from Zoom also.
Will try to recollect some non-official incidents (1968-98) and try to join in oral story telling session in our next Zoom meet, with these.


Dear Shail Babu,
I really wonder on the usage of words “Ugly faces” ….. how can one use such a word for colleagues or friends?? Even for enemies no one uses such words. Must be a Taliban. “Thobra” or “Chokhta” are better words & are used for humorous purposes.  People shall refrain from using such words in zoom meetings.
Malhotra SC ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

N Belavadi
N Belavadi

Dear Shailendraji,
Just to say it was wonderful and a BIG THANKS for this excellent initiative that you have taken. It was nice seeing and listening to some of our friends/colleagues after a very long time (in fact more than a decade or two in some cases). Yes, we are fortunate to have survived amidst the prolonged pandemic that has caused fatalities in huge numbers. Needless to say that the meeting went on very well. I wish there were many more participants and hope we will have those who missed this occasion joining in our future meetings. Thank you again.
Best regardsBelavadi

Arun Wyngankar
Arun Wyngankar

Shailendra sir
Here are my feelings about zoom meetings:
“The zoom meeting idea mooted by you is smashing one. I am sure every body enjoyed the meeting. 
Outstanding feature of meeting was seeing good old colleges in different countries after ages. This has inculcated  a feeling of being a part of a larger family – NDDB. The first meeting began in a right tone by paying homage to all those who unfortunately are no more with us.
The introductions were meaningful though some times a bit lengthy. Dr Nawre narrated his NDDB journey beautifully. The anecdote regarding Alexi Kosygin told by Shailendra Kumar was hilarious. 
Suggestions regarding oral discussion & written communication suggested how best we can use mass media & print media to compile the proposed booklet.
Suggestion of my wife regarding including our better halves is worth exploring in future. 
It was unfortunate the Mr Makarandi could not continue due to internet problem. We missed Gore saab too.
Last but not the least , Dr HB Joshi’s songs were melodious. 
Looking ahead for continuance of our meetings.”

Hemendra B Joshi
Hemendra B Joshi

Dear sir ,
It was wonderful experience to see our colleagues after decades and having interaction with them besides acquanting about their present position!
दिल से यह अल्फाज आपके लियें स्वयं निकल जाते है!
हम बिखरे हूए मोती थे, आपने माला बनाई चून चून के  कर  इक्कठा,  बख़ूबी   संजोये आपकी यह   दरियादिली  हमे  याद  रहेगी जगाये सबको, अपने आशियाने मे थे सोये 
Please excuse me for my follies in hindi because I am still learning.I just tried to express my feelings !
After superannuation, it is invariably one feels a void which reflects in mood n overall health!You have provided one praiseworthy option to get engaged in creative way!
Post corona pandemic ,people need a boost along with inoculation which you have provided ,goes without exaggeration !
At the same time by introducing the agenda of ‘Oral History ‘ You have also challenged the memory of all members participated to recollect and gust up the loin for presentation ,in turn ,inviting hormones of joy to become activated !
Overall meeting was concluded in lighter ambience , each one enjoyed fully with an open heart !
Kudos to your overwhelming enthusiasm dear sir,hats off!
Thanks n regards Hemendra 

Narsimha Nakshatri
Narsimha Nakshatri

It was a good meeting connecting old colleagues of NDDB (not meant by age) from India / USA/Canada/Australia etc.   Nice to know about the post NDDB service/ achievements of our colleagues,  who are doing what after a gap of more than two decades. Please do not mistake my English writing as you all know I worked for Farmers Organization in NDDB throughout  and continued to work with farmers even now.  This meeting helped us to see each other face to face, remembering the good old days of NDDB’s rich experience. Thanks to  you for organizing  and ZOOM.

Even though I left NDDB in 1996, later worked for SAFAL F&V market, National and multinational companies, people recognized me as an Ex NDDB man, so proud to say this.

After Kovid 19, I am forced to do Agree –Culture in addition to Consultancy in Agriculture, staying inside the home to maintain the Gross Domestic Peace (GDP).

Worth to mention few points what Kovid taught me: 

·         Working from home also means working for home.. Leant to Cook and do all other household work as the maid was not allowed inside the house.

·         Not visiting a doctor, relatives and friends saved substantial money,  long  Whatsapp and phone calls only.  

·         Eating only house made food, looking better in health

·         More disciplined in habits like eating time, exercises, reading habits and so on.

·         Accustomed to Digitalism (Net banking, Phone pay , Google pay)

·         Adjusted to  DTC ( Direct To Customer ), only through  online marketing

·         Sold Own Cars  and saved Insurance , Servicing charges  depending on Ola/ Uber and Taxis for emergency

·         Attending Video Calls with Children and GrandChild in abroad  due to restricted  travels

·         Learnt attending and organizing Webinars 

·         Written my  Biography recollecting old memories 


Narasimha Nakshathri


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