Audio conversations with former colleagues

Most of my former colleagues are senior to very senior citizens. I am blessed to have been a recipient of their love, affection and encouragement which has helped me in coming out with articles of interest -mostly related to NDDB and on subjects of common interest – regularly on Vrikshamandir. Two months from now this website will complete two years !

Farid A Siddiqui in conversation with SK

Many of my former colleagues have regularly been contributing to Vrikshamandir.
But for them it would not have been possible to bring to this stage.

My heartfelt thanks to each of them. Thank you ..🙏🏼

I keep trying to look for newer content, research on formats that can be used to upload content and struggle with learning the technology involved. I notice that in old age some of us like to listen more than read. Therefore, audio format is a possibility for uploading content at Vrikshamandir.

Dr SC Malhotra had earlier done a series of audio episodes on his professional journey which is available at Vrikshamandir Audio . After that there has been a lull.

Then I started Zoom Baithaks at Vrikshamamdir in which invited and interested individuals participate. So far there have been two meetings on 23 August 2021 and 6 September 2021. Blogs on both the meetings have been published.

I decided to try a new format in audio mode under a seres titled Conversations with former colleagues.

I have great pleasure in sharing with you the first episode in this series.

Farid A Siddiqui in conversation with SK is the title of this episode.

Do please listen in and share your feed back. What you liked? What is it that you did not like? What can be done more? What can be done less? Answers to these questions would be of great help to me in my efforts to improve quality of content and format of presentation at Vrikshamandir.

I will be uploading the next episode of Conversations with former colleagues soon. This time a conversation with MN Vyas.


2 thoughts on “Audio conversations with former colleagues

  1. Communicating with Sid has always been a pleasure. The interaction between the two of you brought back many fond memories back to life. Sid was a great friend and an extremely good colleague. Hope in the next episode with Sid you will also try to implore into his personality, with some flourish of romantic touch. Without that no communication with Sid can be complete — his love for music, love for beautiful things in life, love for “birds”, love for reading etc. His friendship with PVM is another aspect to touch. Wish the Interviewer and the Interviewee all the best. Look forward to the next episode. Till then stay blessed.

    • Listened to good old Sidd just now.Simply loved it.The flow and humor was just right.A very well done job.The Chothani episode was simply hilarious .Loved Dr.Aneja’s ” who told you I am happy?” bit too. I can very well imagine the mock seriousness on the Secretary’s face as he asked the question.By the way,I I noticed the comment of Prakash regarding Sidd’s love for birds.Hope he was not referring to the’ birds’ of the feathered kind!
      One thought. Though, the background music was nice ,didn’t it affect the ease of following the dialogue?

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