Dr K and Boxing 🥊

And Gurumantra from Shri P Aranha another boxer 🥊

I had totally forgotten the story that Nagar has shared about Dr Kurien and cricket.

Nagar and I were in UK together for about three months during August to October 1972 to get trained in computer systems analysis and design.

After I received the draft of the story Dr. K and cricket I wrote back to Nagar saying that I do not remember this incident adding that may be I was not in Anand.

He confirmed that also reminding me that I had become a father by then and may be I was was playing with my son.

Behla who was in Delhi those days remembered the story of this famous batting display by Dr Kurien as this story had become a talking point and NDDB staff in Delhi also had heard of it.

Though my memory may be failing now but occasionally there are also moments when past incidents flash through my minds eyes.

Reading Nagar’s narrative reminded me of this incident.

When I was appointed as Executive Assistant to Dr Kurien in 1974, the then Private Secretary to the Chatman, Shri P Aranha in one of our first one to one chats told me;

“Sir do you know what are some things common between me and the Boss?”

I said “ No please tell me, what is it?”

“We both represented our college in Boxing.”

All right , I said to my self , So Dr Kurien was a boxer and so was Aranha.

I wanted to tell Aranha that I also come from a family of wrestlers. But kept quite as I had never participated in any wrestling match. Except once while I was studying in class IV in Deoria, my father found me wrestling with a school mate on the road while returning from school.

My father was the District Agriculture Officer Deoria and was returning home on his bicycle. He ensured that we two fighters are separated and peace restored.

I then got from my father then a slap and mouthful of scolding. Saving grace was that I also got a ride back home on the back of my fathers bicycle!

Aranha was in a good form that day. He wanted to impress me even more.

He went on “But I did even better than the Boss.I took part in a regional tournament held in Sri Lanka.”

Shri Aranha had something more important to tell me. I was new to the Chairman’s office and slowly getting familiar with the set up and work which was totally new to me.

Guru Aranha then gave me a lecture on dos and don’t in Chairman’s office.

I still remember his mantras as I followed them all my tenure with Chairman’s office which was not continuous but lasted on and off for over nearly 24 years ….

Guru Aranha’s Mantras for success in Chairman’s Office

1- Executive Assistant(s) when free get interested in going through confidential files.

Please do not ask me to show you confidential files unless really needed. By reading those papers unnecessarily you will know more and then the chances are that you will blurt our confidential information to others!

2- Sir do not worry if papers pile up on bosses table.

Papers have a way to sort themselves out. Boss will come one day when he is in mood and either clear himself or give to papers to us to dispose off.

3- Sir in Chairman’s office EA and PS are together and the mantra is “ United we stand and divided we fall”.

I had perfect understanding with Aranha a very kind and gentle soul. My English was poor those days it still is. He would help me out in drafting letters etc.


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