Guidelines for Contributors with self declaration form

These guidelines are provided for those who wish to contribute stories or anecdotes from their experience working with institutions created and led by Dr. V. Kurien.

1. Writers should have worked with an institution created or led by Dr. Kurien, that is by former employees of the Kaira District Cooperative Milk Producers’ Union, NDDB, GCMMF, IDMC, IRMA, Hind Pack, Anandalaya, NCDFI, the Gujarat Electricity Board, etc.

2. Consideration will be given to earlier published and unpublished stories and anecdotes if permission can be obtained from the authors and/or publishers.

3. Stories and anecdotes should be written in English or Hindi. Contributions in regional languages will be accepted if accompanied by an English or Hindi translation.

4. Contributions may be as short as 100 words. A maximum of 750 words will be accepted unless the story is of overwhelming importance to the compilation.

5. All contributors will be credited for their contributions, both in electronic and print versions. The compilation can only succeed as a cooperative effort and all contributions will be fully acknowledged.

Please submit contributions along with duly filled in  the self declaration form to by email at or in hard copy format at the following address;

Reminiscences Book Project X 24, Regency Park -2, DLF City Phase 4 Gurgaon 122002, Haryana


Guidelines for Contributors; Self Declaration Form



Current Address



Details of association with various organizations

Please mention all organizations with which you worked for and/or were associated with*

Organization             From             To                                    Last Designation and department







I hereby agree to the rules framed by from time to time for editing, publishing the contribution(s), that I am sending with along with this declaration.


Signature: …………………………………………………………………….. Date……………….



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  1. Vrikshamsmdir is a novel idea to ruminate bye gone days . One would inhale the fragrance proportionate to his past involvements .let this tree
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