Meeting of Former NDDB Employees, 21 and 22 January 2023, Session – 2

Dairying in India before NDDB

Nearly two hundred Former employees of NDDB, some of them with their spouses, gathered for a meeting on 21 and 22 January at NDDB, Anand. It was the third meeting of its kind, following previous meetings in 2015 and 2020.

The two-day meeting had four structured sessions; Introduction, Dairying in India before NDDB, Formation of NDDB struggles and Achievements, and Extension of NDDB Projects to areas other than milk. The program design was flexible and some changes were made in the originally designed program schedule.

Besides the above four sessions a “Lady’s Session” also took place. This session was facilitated by Mrs Vinod Huria and was highly regarded, although no video recording is available. Mrs Huria has agreed to write a blog on the session for Vrikshamandir.

Arrangements were made for the visit of the interested participants to the Amul Dairy Plant, Chocolate plant in Mogar, Parikrama exhibition in NDDB etc. The program provided adequate time for the participants to spend time to meet and interact on one on one, in small groups, and large groups or visit their friends in Annd town or go shopping or just stroll around or sit and revisiting times they spent on the campus while working for the NDDB in their youth.

A pre-dinner musical evening was organised on the first day of the meeting in the Tribhuvan Das Auditorium.

I am pleased to share the Video recordings of the second session on day one of the meeting. This session was dedicated to deliberating on “Dairying before NDDB”.

Dairying in India before NDDB

The picture gallery below has pictures of those who contributed to the deliberations of this session.

I had earlier shared pictures of the two-day event. If you haven’t seen the pictures taken at the meeting please click this link.

This blog is a “work in progress” and subject to editing and modification.


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