A story in search of an end; “A Bull Made of Steel”

A developing story unfolds through correspondence between two individuals who have yet to meet face to face and live over 12,480 kilometers apart.

Like any story, this one also has a beginning. However, both the writers and the story itself are still searching for closure and longing for an end.

Dear reader, could you lend a helping hand?


Namaste SK Sir!

Kaise hain aap? I just read your blog about Dr. Kurien’s speech at IIMA. Brings back memories of wonderful times at IRMA and NDDB.

If you remember there is an installation of a Bull in NDDB Mumbai campus. What I remember about it is that it was designed and made by engineers of IDMC. Using food grade steel scrap.

The bull travelled as an art installation to Bharat Mahotsav in 1984 till 1988 across Europe and America, along the cultural troupes.

It was then installed in NDDB Mumbai, upon return from the Mahotsav.

The original colour was grey but someone got it painted green a few years back.

They are now wanting to restore its glory. I could find an old picture if it to establish the colour. Which they will be using to restore it.

I request you to tell me if there is any story you remember about the installation. NDDB Mumbai is planning to errect a plaque next to it, giving its story.

Your inputs will be invaluable.

Warm regards,

That is the bull installation I am referring to. This was the gray color it had in 1999. Now it has been painted grass green and can’t really be seen in the green background.


Thanks 🙏 I will revert on this as I need consult some old timers who spent time at Mumbai.


Thank you so much !


I contacted several persons to get some information. Behla, Gore, Muralidharan. But no luck. Finally through Murali connected with Mahesh Chandra former MD, IDMC.

Murali sent has me following message after talking to Mahesh Chandra;

“I spoke to Mahesh Chandra.
Understand the Bull was made as per the request of late Shri GM Jala.
One sculptor from Badoda guided and under his supervision IDMC made it.
Dr.Kurien saw this in IDMC work shop and decided to install at NDDB Bombay Campus

I have requested Murali to find the name of the Sculptor and year the statue was made.


This is very helpful. Thank you so much. Can someone verify the bull travelling to Europe with Bharat Mahotsav.I heard it from more than one person during my days at NDDB Mumbai. One of them was late Mr JP Majumdar, can’t remember the others who told this story


Spoke to Dr MPG Kurup. He too doesn’t remember much except that the sculptor who made the bull which was given to Mike and Dr Aneja at their farewell function could have been the one who guided IDMC to create the bull currently in NDDB Mumbai office. Dr Kurup doesn’t remember the name of the sculptor but according to him Mr Jhala got in touch with the sculptor through Vadodara based Architect Suryakant Patel. The Sculptor was a teacher at MS University.

The last person to be contacted is Shri DK Sen I have his number and will get in touch. He was longest serving Director Engineering and regional office campus construction was under engineers who reported to him on technical matters through regional head of engineering.

You can do a blog on this for Vrikshamandir basis our conversations / messages.

May be a reader of the blog recollects some missing links.

Personally I very much doubt the story of the bull being shown in exhibitions in Europe but I may be wrong.

PS: I tried to connect with Shri DK Sen several times but with no luck. I haven’t had a response from him.

Therefore, I thought of posting it on Vrikshamandir. May be some one remembers something.


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  1. Please try contacting Dr EMadhawan and Dr SN Singh. It was in their times that it was installed.
    It was of Bronze colour (chairman’s letter head colour) when I saw it in Bombay during my posting there.
    It was magnificent.

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