Lessons learnt from Dr. Kurien -7

- Shekhar Roy 

During my service period in NDDB, I had interactions with Dr.V Kurien on many occasions, official, demi-official and also personal.

Most of these interactions have taught some invaluable lessons which had helped in restructuring my personal value system and eventually my character. 

There are small incidences which are still in my memory and the lessons learnt that I have imbibed within. 

I would like to share yet another incident which influenced my personal life.

There was another directive to all was “NOT to be in office more than half an hour before/after office begining/closure time”

Dr. Kurien’s views on this were that;

a) one must learn to manage the time. This is important and one must try to complete his work within the scheduled time.

b) If you have really lot of work which you are unable to handle, you must speak to your superior for additional helping hand.

c) If you are unable to do any of these, then you are surely inefficient and incapable.

Exceptions would of course always be there, like handling difficult situations, examples – Jha committee report writing, Preparing answers to Parliament questions, Meeting requirements of Government queries and any such urgent matters.

This was told by him in one meeting of Dhara Group when we all were struggling to meet the demands of Government of India during the MIO (Market Intervention Operations in Edible Oil) days.

We had a tiring week and Dr. Kurien was trying to praise the efforts put up by us all and he had encouraging words for all of us but added above directives at the end.

He clearly said that do not make it a habit to overwork and become a workaholic.

During these MIO days, many times he summoned me on holidays and late in the day and each time he will start with saying that he is very sorry for having disturbed in my personal time.

That was Dr.Kurien.


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  1. Shekhar, what a time we all had during MIO days. Launch of Dhara on Aug 15 1988. Hpcl did great in facing the challenge and what all did MIO achieve. Doubled edible oil seed production in less than 5 years.

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