My interview at NDDB ~ by MM Patel

On 4 March 2021 I had posted on my Facebook page the following; 

“Do you remember your first interview for  a job? Interested in sharing the experience? 

Please share in word format in Hindi or English and send it to 

Vrikshamandit would like to host blogs that describe job interviews that former employees of NDDB and related institutions ( Amul, GCMMF, IDC, IDMC, Milk Cooperatives in different states …)appeared at in late 1960’s , 1970 s and 1980’s and later.. It could turn out to be a good study of the process of Talent Acquisition over the years as the organisations matured and expanded. 

I am glad to receive and post first such writeup from Shri MM Patel. With this we have four interview experiences documented on Vrikshamamdir. The other three being RK NagarDr SC Malhotra and yours truly. 

Looking forward to receiving many more such documented experiences.

After completion of about five and half years of service with the National Dairy Development Board, some time in mid 1979, I appeared at an interview for promotion to the next higher grade “Extension Assistant” .

I was an internal candidate as there were applicants from outside including Kheda District Milk Producers Union ( Amul ).

I qualified at the written test. Dr. AA Chothani Sir along with two others ( whose names I do not remember now) took my interview.

The first question that was asked from me was “ What made you apply for this post?”

I replied something on the lines that “ Sir I have worked sincerely for the last five years and did not apply for a job to any other organisation”.

He seemed satisfied with my answer and responded with his typical show of body language expressing satisfaction and said “Thank you”.

I should perhaps mention here that I was then the senior most employee in my cadre as I had joined in NDDB in the year 1974. I was also a graduate (B Com). I did not mention these points during the interview. My short reply to the question was good enough.

The follow up question asked was about new initiatives at DDB. In my reply I mentioned about the recently launched Oilseeds and Vegetable Oil Project of NDDB. I was then asked about the objective of the project.

I replied that the project aims at ensuring that farmers get a remunuretive price for their produce while consumers benefit by getting pure edible oil at a reasonable rate.

Last question was an interesting one. I was asked “How does one detect milk that has been adulterated with baking soda”

My answers was incorrect. In response Dr. Chothani moved his head from left to right and mentioned that it does not matter.

He further told that I should not share this question with other candidates who were waiting outside to be interviewed.

There were no further questions asked of me.

Thus the interview ended with hope and pleasant memory for ever.

I was delighted when I received appointment letter to the higher post after a week.

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