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Dr. MPG Kurup
Dr. MPG Kurup

Art, Culture

Incredibly Prolific in his Art , pioneer of Indian Art Form and Disciple of the Great Master Abanindranath  Tagore , (Brother of Gurudev Ravindranath Tagore .His style is mentioned as “Flat Technique “

He Started learning in formal Art Teaching Institutions in Bengal , initially started with indigenous Kalighat painting , then moved on to portrait painting , then expanded to Folk Art , Madhubani Art form and then plunged into General modernistic paintings .

Krishna , Dancing Gopi  , Santal paintings,  Landscapes : Agni Pariksha of Sita Devi , Rani on Horse Backs are some of his most famous ! In 1955 he was Awarded Padmabhushan . A rebel painter , of mystery , awe and mesmerising colours.

Paintings were iconically popular in Bengal and all over India , Global Art World , exhibitions in London : over a thousand paintings in Art Net , National Gallery of Art and Culture. Paintings on canvas , posters frames , wall hangings ! His paintings were traded in art auctioneers in Britain and USA at Us $ 5.0 up to 200 !


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