Tribute to Dr.KS Nair GBVC (Bombay), MRCVS (UK), DTVM (UK)

Dr. MPG Kurup
Dr. MPG Kurup

Former Executive Director National Dairy Development Board

Guru Sakshath Parabrahma , Thasmii Sree Gurave Namah

Kerala got its first outstanding and highly qualified Veterinary Professional : A Practioner , Educator , Scientist , Manager , Development Specialist and Administrator : all rolled into one , in 1955 : when the then Travancore-Cochin Government Found and Appointed Sri K Sankaran Nair : (Dr.KS Nair) GBVC (Bombay) , MRCVS (UK) , DTVM (UK) : who has just returned on retirement to his home Town Thiruvananthpuram , after glorious Service in the Indian Army , Government of Madras , the Government Hyderabad : as the Founder Principal of The Veterinary College they started in Mannuthy , Thrissur , Travancore-Cochin State.

After qualifying as Diploma Holder in Veterinary science in 1914 from the Bombay Veterinary College , he worked as a Veterinary Asst. in the state and then with the Indian Army for four years as Warrant Officer, during the World War I .

In 1920 he joined the Royal Dick Veterinary College , London and qualified as MRCVS ( Member of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons in London. In 1937 , he again visited UK (Scotland : University of Edinburgh) for his Diploma in Tropical Veterinary Medicine (DTVM) .

After the First World War and Army Service , his Sojourn in London. , he started his professional Career as Surgery Lecturer in the Madras Veterinary College , then the Superintendent of the Madras Serum Institute and after that took over as the Principal of the Madras Veterinary College 1941. He modernized the College,upgraded the existing GMVC Diploma Course into a 4 Year Degree Course : BVSc .

He was then appointed as the Jt.Director of the Animal husbandry Department of the State and spent several years building and administering : infrastructure for , research and development in Veterinary health care , Animal Husbandry , Animal Feed and Nutrition , Animal Breeding and Genetic Improvement of Domestic Animals (Livestock ) and Poultry . After an era of modernization , growth and development , he retired from Madras Government Service.

His services were then availed of by the Osmania University as Professor of Animal Husbandry and Principal of the Osmania Veterinary College in Hyderabad. After distinguished hwork for 4 years in Hyderabad , he retired and returned to his home town , Thiruvananthapuram.

The growth and Development of the New Kerala Veterinary College was the outcome of the Leadership , Wisdom , Knowledge , Expertise , Vision and Experience of this Doyen of the Veterinary Profession. He established a strong foundation for the College , ensured all teaching and student facilities / amenities and equipment .

I myself was an alumnus of this college and his Student in the first batch of BVSc : 1955-59 : my Smarananjalies and Adaranjalies for this Vandaneeya Gurushresta.

(Source : Prof.Dr.M.Krishnan Nair. Former Dean of the Faculty of Veterinary and Animal Sciences )


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