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G Rajan

Rajan recollects an interesting incident

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Dr. Aneja had returned from Delhi after a meeting with Senior Government Officers in various ministries regarding Market Intervention Operations in oil (MIO).

MIO proposal was in final stages of discussions and approval. Finally, Govt of India issued an order appointing NDDB as the implementing agency for MIO.

Dr.Amrita Patel, the then Northern  Regional Director arranged collection of the document from the Ministry and sent it to Dr.Aneja, in Anand the very next day.

Those were the days   of  — no mobile, no fax and other electronic media to transmit the document — except through post or personal courier.

Miss Patel sent the envelope containing the MIO order, through the kind hands of her father late  Shri HM Patel who happened to be returning to  Anand after completion of Parliament session.

Dr.Aneja asked  me “ Rajan – please go to   Miss Patel’s house in Vallabh Vidyanagr.  Her father will give you an envelope, just bring it”  …that was my brief.

I reached  “SAVITA”,  Patel Saheb’s residence (behind SP University) ….after security clearance at the gate I was  guided to the place where Patel Saheb was sitting.

“Yes Gentleman, what do you want”.  I introduced myself  and the purpose of my visit.

Next salvo:   “ Yes Amrita did tell me that someone will come from NDDB and collect the envelope….but how do I know  you are from the NDDB”.

I gave the name of Dr.Aneja.   He smiled, gentleman I Know Aneja., but how do I know that you have been sent by  Aneja.

I did not argue…. Kept quiet.

Patel Saheb subsequently handed over the envelope to me but continued, “ …gentleman whenever and wherever  you go outside your office carry  an   ID proof”.


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