Role of Market Intervention Operations

Dr RP Aneja, former MD, National Dairy Development Board of India
Dr RP Aneja, former MD, National Dairy Development Board of India

First web lecturej by Dr. RP Aneja former MD, NDDB, as a part of the Dr V Kurien Birth Centenary Celebrations 2021 being organised by the National Dairy Development Board

How india became almost Aatmnirbhar in edible oils

It is a story of making India almost self sufficient ( Atmnirbhar ) in edible oils.

Supportive Government policies, meticulous planning and execution by committed professionals under the leadership of Dr V Kurien made it possible.

Some of us have been lucky to be associated with the organisation during those days of struggle, sweat, achievement and joy at being of service to the farmers of India.

The YouTube link for the live broadcast for this inaugural lecture posted on the NDDB website a couple of days earlier, crashed this morning.

I had shared that link with a large number of friends and also posted on social media including my Vrikshamandir page on Facebook.

Later this morning NDDB postedt another YouTube link which I could share but only with a few friends due to lack of time.

Fortunately I had a link on Google Meet. I watched and simultaneously recorded the audio. I have pleasure in sharing the recording as podcast from Vrikshamandir.
I missed recording the initial 2-3 minutes.
It is 52 minutes long and towards the end there are very interesting questions and answers.

Do please let me know if you find sound quality of the podcast is okay.

I propose to do a detailed blog for Vrikshamandir using this audio recording and an anecdote that G Rajan will be sharing with me.

Any comments, ideas and related anecdotes will be of help and are most welcome. Let us do it together …in a collective cooperative spirit.


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