Aameen Khan Rahut writes about his passion and professional life journey!

Amin Khan Rahut
Amin Khan Rahut

My professional life centres around three prestigious Institutions, and even after my retirement, it has remained almost the same.

I joined Indian Dairy Corporation (IDC) in the year 1973. I was only 22 years old then. I shifted to Anand to work for the Coordination Department of IDC. When IDC merged into National Dairy Development Board in 1987, I also worked with the Chairman’s office.

I was lucky to have had the opportunity to work directly with very respected professionals from these organisations; Dr MPG Kurup, Late Shri ZS Chhatwal, Shri N. K. Chawla, Dr RS Khanna and Shri B. M. Vyas. Each of them besides being a boss were very good mentors.

I thank Dr RS Khanna who is responsible for my induction into IDC. He was the one who encouraged me to get into theatre in Baroda before I moved to Anand.

Last but not the least I thank Shri BM Vyas, former Managing Director of GCMMF, for whom I worked as his Executive Assistant. Shri Vyas sir has shown me the world of Dairy Marketing. He is the responsible for my overall growth in the field of Marketing. And he is still supporting me. For the past 25 years we are together and I am still working for him.

While working with the Chairmans office I worked closely with Shri Shailendra Kumar, whom I respect. He always appreciated my work and when I was wrong, criticised also.

But there is another side of my persona. Even before I got into a job, I participated in theatre.

While at NDDB, Anand, I got ample opportunities a conducive environment to explore and expand further my theatre activities. I was able to develop many employees of the organisations where I worked and their family in theatre. I also worked closely with like minded theatre persons from IRMA and Dairy Science College, Anand.

Under the aegis of BOHO Club I received all the help required to pursue my passion. I also taught acting to my fellow employees and their families, including children, and we staged different types of plays, dances, etc., each year on the eve of 26th January, 15th August, BOHO Day and so on.

Over time, I developed a number of good quality theatre persons both male and females from these organisations.

BOHO Club got recognition through out India for its theatre activities. We also got prestigious Awards. I was awarded Sanjeev Kumar Memorial Award for Best Amateur Director in 1993 at Shimla and Best Amateur Director in 1994 at Agra. Both are National level awards. Apart from these I received six Awards for acting and direction at the State Level.

I have written and staged two plays in Hindi. Written six mono acting scripts and translated five books of plays from different languages in Hindi, and managed State and National level theatre competitions.

“DEVDASI” a play written by me two years back has got many awards at the national level University competition. My another play “SAVDHAN POLICE HAI” got nine first Awards at the National level competition.

Writing poems is my passion. I have written a number of poems. All my poems are romantic, as I feel romance of life every where. A book of my poems “EK BATTA BAHATTAR”, has recently been published by Amazon and is available on its site for sale.

I am now 70 years but still actively involved in cultural activities. I spend my time playing songs on key-board, writing poems and scripts for my young friends.

My all poems are romantic, as romance is every where.

A book of my poems “EK BATTA BAHATTAR

Recently published by Amazon available on sale


4 thoughts on “Aameen Khan Rahut writes about his passion and professional life journey!

  1. Great write up and feel proud to be part of this journey. These photos bring nostalgic moment of acting together. I recall one more drama we performed in Nadiad.
    Keep it up.

  2. Brilliant wrtie up and you are responsible for takinging me on a nostalgic journey. I joined the GCMMF LTD almost at your age! Worked at both HO, Anand and Ahmedabad Depot.
    The long list of gentlemen were not so difficult to approach, even for a common man. My Pa, Prof. R A. Dave was lucky to share their vision of India Today. (DAIRY INDUSTRY)
    Greed and being young with stupid notions I decided to quit the Federation.
    Yes, I must confess that I had an opportunity to work under the TRIO Revered Shri. J J
    Baxi Sir, Shri. BM Vyas Sir and the present dynamic and bright SOUL Shri RS Sodhi Sir. Most importantly learnings at young age were integrity, diligence and honesty.
    Looking back, I feel jealous of you who chose to stick around despite many offers to you that you shared with with me in person.
    All in all , it speaks volumes about you as a perfect gentleman that you are.
    Wish you good health for your continued contributions directly and from distance.
    With great reverence and regards.
    Dr. Nishith R A. Dave
    Vallabh Vidyanagar.
    98989 07645

  3. It’s my proud privilege to have known the writer for at least 47 years since I first met him in early 1974. He had already started his career then and also had begun the charity by helping me start my career. As is evident, he scaled many heights and achieved many landmarks in his life through sheer hard work and dedication. Very few people know of his generosity that he never brags about as modest person as he is but I know quite a few occasions when he has helped many families in desperate needs.

    As the destiny had it, we did not work together but we were meant to be together. We parted our ways after he joined NDDB and i went on to the path that he guided to finally retire from UNICEF. And, as it was destined, we met again after we both had become grand parents. That was last year in 2020 and to our pleasent surprise almost as neighbours.

    I take pride in having Amin Khan Raut as my dear dear friend and a meaningful part of my life. I wish him good health and Long life.
    Masood Sheth

    • I hv known Ameen Khan since his NDDB days and more closely when he was ps to NK Chawala and gcmmf were sole selling agent of nddb for Dhara. Later he joined gcmmf n once retired he continues with me as my ps even now. He is very sincere and quick learner. He is very reliable When I learnt about his skill in dramatics I told him to arrange street plays in ahmedabad and he took it up beautifully! He took total project responsibility and executed without any supervision. He is fond of shayari and has managed to write so many poems that he could publish a book on his poems. He proved that a person has limitless competancies. Any one with determination can deliver astounding performance

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