Sadhu to ramta bhala

Hemendra B Joshi
Hemendra B Joshi

Photo: Paiting by Dr Rama Aneja

I served an esteemed institution National Dairy Development Board, during its formative years for two decades. My association with NDDB means a lot to me professionally and psychologically. I contributed to the programmes and projects of the organisation to further its objectives to the best of my abilities and in the process I “grew up”!

I want to share one of the many lessons that I learnt while working with NDDB. A beautiful lesson ‘Sadhu to chalta bhala’!.

Abrupt transfers were like a hanging Damocles sword for NDDB professional staff who had to work in the field.

In many instances, before one settled down at one place, a transfer order would come! Like a sage of the good old days one would soon learn to develop an attitude of अनासक्ति or no worldly attachment to a “place” of posting.

In 1989 I was posted at Galbabhai Dairy Co-operative Training Center at Banas Dairy , Palanpur. Soon we learnt that in the neighbouring district Mehshana District Milk Producers Cooperative Union ( Dudhsagar Dairy) was looking for a Gujarati Speaking Officer well acquainted with Cooperative Development as there was a two months field training module to be delivered for trainees in this area.

साधु तो रमता भला, गंगा तो बहती भली

One fine morning Dr Punjarath phoned me up and talked about my placement on deputation at Dudhsagar Dairy Mehsana as he was a member of the Board of Dudhsagar Dairy as NDDB representative. He suggested that I meet Shri Motibhai Chaudhary, the then Chairman of Dudhsagar Dairy. Dr Punrath told me that he had recommended to the Mehsana Dairy that I be given the Manager’s post. This was very good opportunity and a change of 180 degrees, as I was looking after training in Artificial Insemination and Cooperative Development since joining NDDB in 1977!

But for me was fa very difficult decision to make. I had to take a call on the education of my children who were then in 7th and 9th standard respectively in a English Medium School at Palanpur.

But it was the need of the hour, so I agreed and met the Chairman of Dudhsagar Dairy, Motobhsi Chaudhry, along with Shri Parthibhai Bhatol and talked at length about my posting as referred by Dr Punjarath and decided to take up the new assignment at Mehsana.

I shifted my family to Dudhsagar Dairy for schooling etc. and frequently met with the MD and Chairman of Dudhsagar Dairy for finalisation of my posting while I continued to work at GDCTC, Palanpur as per the instructions received from Anand.

I did all this in consultation with Dr Punjarath whose support was rock solid.!

The Chairman, Dudhsagar Dairy, whom I had met before shifting my family to Mehsana, however, had a change of mind. He asked me to join as Deputy Manager. That was shocking, and naturally I was very upset with at this unexpected development! For the next three month I tried to persuade the Chairman, Shri Motibhai in consultation with Dr Punjarath. But Shri Motibhai was adamant and refused to budge and my future was in a limbo.

I was in a dilemma as to what to do next. By then it was the month of August. I wondered how to take my children back to Palanpur and get them admitted in a school. Mid season change of school from one district to another is a complex process.

I consulted Dr Punjarath and asked for his final advice !

How nicely he then supported me. I forgot the problems and all that I was facing. I do, however, still remember his consoling words; “Please do not worry, you are a sincere and honest officer with wonderful track record, I am the last person to force you to agree to the revised offer from Dudhsagar Dairy and join as Dy Manager. You may respectfully regret and continue to serve in your present position at Palanpur.”

It was still a grave situation for the schooling of my children, But I was very happy. How a senior boss from NDDB like Dr Punjarath valued his junior colleague. Such sensitivity and support to juniors gives them on the job inspiration and motivation !

Fortunately, both my kids got admission in a boarding school at Pillvai and I accepted the situation delightfully. Our family disintegrated as we had to live away from our kids. Fate takes such twists and turns. One has to learn and accept unpleasant situations as well.

More often than not things do turn out to be good.

“HE” gives us what is “Good” for us not necessarily what we “Like”.


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