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Dr AS Abani

Former University Professor, Director, and Dean for 50 years including tenure with NDDB

In 1989, Dr AS Abani created a “situation description” as a “role play” exercise to educate students on organizational politics and behavioral aspects. The scenario involves a professional leaving a well-known, internationally renowned organization after over a decade of service. Although Dr Abani originally shared the exercise on his Facebook page, he provided me with printed pages upon my request in mid-2022.

Due to the challenges of typing from a printed document in our old age, the exercise has remained in my draft folder for an extended period.

However, as I have almost fully recovered from a health setback in 2022, I have begun working on my website and rediscovered this blog. 

I apologize to Dr Abani for the significant delay in posting his first contribution to Vrikshamandir. And hope that I would receive some more contributions from him.

Readers’ comments are welcome.



  1. Jatinder Kumar Sood Avatar
    Jatinder Kumar Sood

    Very interesting dialogues and equally good script for role play. Situation has not changed much even now and fight for getting credit continues. Organisational politics, group dynamics and dominant coalition remains the part and parcel in the organisations even today. Difficult to arrive at an ideal Appraisal System

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