Thanumalaya Temple in Sucheendram , Kanyakumari District, Tamil Nadu

Dr. MPG Kurup former Executive Director National Dairy Development Board 

Indian Art , History , Culture , Architecture and Vedic India

Real Name is Sthanumalaya Temple. circa 9th century : building started by Chola Rulers , but was completed only in 15th century AD.

Kings of the Travancore Royal Family were actively involved in the up keep and management of the Temple : especially Swathi Thirunal : Swathirunal was the king who stopped the cruel practice of dipping Suspects hand in boiling ghee to varify Truth / Lie of their Statements .

The Temple is located on the Trunk Road from Thiruvananthapuram and Kanyakumari ! A 29 ft tall Statue of Hanuman Ji is placed by the side of the temple : The Linga in the Temple represents the Thri Murthis : Brahma , Vishnu and Siva .

Legend has it that Lord Indra worshipped in the Suchindram temple for atoning his sins in Battles.

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